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The Sanctuary
Asbury Park, NJ

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and there’s a storm brewing named Saturn.  It can’t get any more metaphorical, can it?  Today, at 2:15pm est, (about to become edt) the moon conjoins pluto.  It’ll be an intense moment for some, so intense that it has the potential to transform you.  Indelibly.

more later.  may all beings be safe.

om shanti, shanti, shantihi

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mask_ii.jpgNamaste, Everyone.

I’m facilitating another Yoga Nidra tomorrow morning.  First one of the year.  Can’t believe it’s 2013 and we’re all still here!!  Just kidding.

The astrological aspects are so supporting for this kind of yoga practice right now.  The possibilities are limitless.  The little stellium of Sun Neptune, Chiron and Venus re-affirms a drive towards spiritual healing.

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Snow on the ground this morning…a stunning reminder that things have changed.

Blessings to everyone…

Practice kindness.


The power came on last night at my yoga studio.  Classes resume on Sunday.  Come.  The door is round and open.

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Have you seen this video yet?  OMG.  It’s a must see.  Words fail.

Stay safe, dear ones. Practice metta.  Often.

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Oh my.  I have been struck, hard.  My home state.  My home town.  My zipcode.  My topography.  All changed.

It’s one thing, to choose to change one’s life, intentionally, deliberately, and purposefully.  It’s quite a different thing to be the recipient of another’s choosing.  ie Mother Nature or God, or that mysterious Higher Source.

Anyway, I feel a resurgence coming on for attending to my blogs,  which if you follow or like or pin me up somewhere you know that I have not been writing much.  That just means that there are stories to tell, and lessons to teach.

Today, I am  living on the new edge of my old Jersey Shore town.   I am blessed to have what I have.  The devastation here is wide spread.  It’s the entire state at the same time.  Locally, I have seen some of this before.  The boardwalks in particular.  They’re always getting torn up.  The trees are dangerous for sure, and some houses were sliced in half.  but, amazingly , more misses than hits and that was miraculous.  The power outages are the worst, and gas lines are to be expected.  The flooding, here, for me was a non-event and for that I am grateful.

The days ahead are sure to be interesting. Maybe I’ll post again tomorrow.  I need to be quiet now.

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One of the precepts of yoga (fromthe yamas & niyamas) is svadhyaya, a Sanskrit word loosely translated as self-study. Swami Kripalu, the wise sage from India that inspired the creation of Kripalu Center in MA,  says that “self observation without judgment” is the highest form of yoga we can practice. The Sanctuary is a place to practice.

Since 2002, The Sanctuary has been a host to yoga classes, astrology workshops, feng shui trainings, meditation circles and many other types of spiritual/metaphysical studies. The intent is to provide  a safe and sacred space where self discovery is encouraged, deep transformation is possible, and healing can occur.

Directions to The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is located at 560 Main St. Suite 2C in Loch Arbor, NJ which is just north of Asbury Park, NJ. It is easily reached from the NJ Garden State Parkway and other major roads as well as walking distance from the NJ Transit train station . See Map

Also within walking distance is the Atlantic Ocean, Deal Lake, the rejuvenated city of Asbury Park, shopping & restaurants.

Our telephone number is (732) 531-9013.


The Sanctuary is on the second floor of a small office building. There is no elevator. Ample, well-lit parking off the street is located at the back of the building. Inside, there are approximately 500 square feet of empty, carpeted space suitable for yoga practice. Some yoga props and supplies are available.

The building is mostly leased by professionals such as: accountants, therapists, property managers, insurance agents, etc. It is very quiet most of the time and there is not a lot of ‘thru’ traffic. Western exposure provides ample daylight, and the landlord provides heat, a/c, and electric.

The Sanctuary is available to guest teachers, facilitators, and healers. For more information click on Questions? above.  It’ll provide you with a contact form.

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I just love this picture of Krishna. I yearn to sit under a tree, play some music, and have that wonderful backdrop of mountains behind me. My preference would be the harp though…..I don’t have the right stuff for the ‘wind’ instruments! Picture found at:

Tonite I have my ‘beginner’s’ class once again and my intention is to lead them in a sweet, gentle vinyasa to “Awaken the Spine”. Have you noticed how many back aches are out there????

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