• Individual Consultations/Family Consultations/Small Group
  • Workshops/Seminars/Lectures/Classes
  • Weekend/5-10 day Training Programs
  • Retreats
  • Small Business/Management Consulting
  • Speaker/Trainer/Teacher/Coach/Mentor/Tutor
  • Keynotes

Time & Space Consulting will also provide articles for newsletters, magazines, online journals, etc. upon request.

 Specialties include:  stress management, time management, verbal & non-verbal communications, and creating a life-plan.

Each session/program is custom designed for your group. Being fully aware of the moment insists that I be present and ready to present whatever is most needed at the time of delivery.  5 decades of experience have enabled me to do that well.

Personal Development  is just that…personal.  And, it’s been my experience that if we continue to develop ourselves then everything around us develops as well.  Careers expand, relationships improve, feelings of abundance and wellness increase and delightful surprises multiply.  Personal development, for me, is a deep dive using astrology, yoga therapy, meditation & other methodologies to assist the client’s inquiry.  Read more here & here.

The approach is spiritual, the focus is on radical acceptance, and the results are amazing.  Custom programming is also available for your family or other group.

Contact Ida to see what’s possible.

In addition to individual consultations, classes & workshops I am also able to provide a full complement of Computer-Generated Reports & Interpretations.  These include:  Natal, Progressed, Returns, Directions, Synastry, and more.  Call for more information. 

Collaboration is welcome! Contact Ida on ways to work together.  Her experience,  presentation and consulting skills have been welcomed and appreciated by: psychotherapists, lawyers, doctors, realtors, athletes, CEO’s, dancers, artists, musicians, retail business owners, restaurateurs, studio owners, wellness centers, hospitals, schools, community centers, and spiritual centers of all traditions.