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All about Dennis Kucinich. Does anyone know his birth information?

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I just glanced at my blog stat’s. Not that I care about numbers, but, well, wow………who were all those people who checked out this site? The Internet………….wow.


A quick glance at the stats page shows that as of today there have been 7,157 hits on this site and that doesn’t count my visits. Wow, it may not be much with respect to other sites, but for me………that’s amazing! I’m beginning to understand the words “accelerated” & “exponential” in a whole new way. Since launching this site in…

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That question was asked in one of my classes recently. I’ve been pondering this now for a couple of days. Why isn’t a circle 361 degrees, or 365, or 720, or 1? Where/when/how/why did 360 become the *magic* number of degrees? Calling all mathematicians, astronomers, historians, musicians, physicists, cheaters & priests! Come to my aid and answer this question!

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If you have landed on this page looking for information on time & time management you have found it. However, be prepared. You may not find what you expect. My fascination with time might have started here. It was only a few years after that I came across my first astrology book.  It always made good sense to me that…

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One of the neat things that you can do with a blog is check your statistics. The site I’m on keeps all the numbers for me. As of today I have had over 2000 people view this site. Wow. I’m not sure I know 2000 people! I’ve made 39 posts since starting in Feb. 07 and the top post on…

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Find Center……………….stay there…………keep moving…….. Over the years I have worked & studied with a variety of musicians, dancers, movement therapists and yoga teachers including Gabrielle Roth, Emily Conrad, Anodea Judith, Selene Vega, Shiva Rae, Dan Levin, Connie Miller, Jeffrey Hoffman and many of the Danskinetics teachers at Kripalu Center. My experiences with these teachers brought positive changes to my life…

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I just love this picture of Krishna. I yearn to sit under a tree, play some music, and have that wonderful backdrop of mountains behind me. My preference would be the harp though…..I don’t have the right stuff for the ‘wind’ instruments! Picture found at: Tonite I have my ‘beginner’s’ class once again and my intention is to lead…

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Working with images can be very challenging for the new blogger…………..  

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Greetings to all! I’ve been wanting to begin a blog and it seems like today is the day. The time is 1:38pm on Sunday, February 18 and it’s Chinese New Year… auspicious time for beginnings. I am calling this blog, The Teacher’s Diary and it’s my intention to share with you some of what I’ve learned (and continue to learn)…

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