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Typing away.

The online software I use to write this blog has completely changed! Oh my! That’s one way to notice how one reacts to the unexpected. I loved it!

And, if I am reading it right, this blog, The Teacher’s Journal, ranked number 64 in “Growing Blogs”. Oh my! What do you suppose that means? Checking on my stats I can see that there has definitely been a slow, steady, turtle-like growth that has been moving in an upward direction.

Hmmm. Methinks me needs to ponder.

Gotta practice for the harp gig tonite.

Carpe Diem.



After all that technological turmoil traveling thru my airways,

today is the best day ever according to my Blog Stat’s and it’s not even 9:30am EST.

I’m glad it’s a balsamic moon…………….

no need to do any kind of follow-thru to that piece of information………yet.

Let’s Celebrate……………..

.Grainne Hambly on the harp

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7-500 astronomy

The Vernal or Spring Equinox is the time when the huge time clock in the sky resets itself for 0 degrees of Aries. It’s an ‘astronomical ‘measurement that for the most part is completely arbitrary and can happen on a different calendar date every year. The arbitrary part comes into play when you ask the question;

Where do you start to measure the circle?” Even if you’re an astrologer, it can be confusing because the Western astrologers start measuring at one place in the sky, and the Eastern astrologers measure the beginning a short 24 degrees behind(?)…..another relative term to consider since we’re moving in circles. Who’s ahead? Who’s behind? Who’s to say?!

Either way Zero Degrees of Aries = 0 degrees of Aries and the Sabian Symbol for this time provides us with the image of “a woman just risen from the sea. A seal is embracing her.” Nice. More on this later.

Amazingly, we are moving into Daylight Savings Time earlier this year (???)….so we’re guaranteed to be ‘off’ our center for a while….. Since clock time is so detached from cosmic time conflict must arise in our body/mind/emotions/spirit. You can bet on it if you are so inclined.

At least the astrologers are consistent! Thanks be.

They, the astrologers, established their time-keeping methods eons ago and nothing has altered it….which isn’t the same thing as saying that time hasn’t been altered. S_ _ T H_ _ _ _ NS!

It is interesting to note that the ‘atomic clock’ has had to be re-adjusted more frequently in recent times than in the centuries that have preceded us.

On March 20, 2008 at, 1:49 am, DST the Vernal Equinox will occur. At the same time the moon will be in 13 degrees of Virgo.

The Sabian Symbol for this time is the image of ” a powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria”.


Sounds interesting…especially considering the fact that I’m writing this a few days before the Texas/Ohio primary’s.



……be your own astrologer and consider how those two images are showing up in your life these days.

Equinox’s generally point us in the direction we need to move towards for at least 3 months. (could be longer….it all depends on where these zodiac degrees fall in your own personal charts and how you keep time)

For me, the Equinox will be a 9th house affair with the moon activating my 3rd house at the same time.

Om shanti.



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Still looking for a way to save posts/pages automatically to my hard drive with minimal effort.
Any ideas?


After writing a wonderful post that took a few hours (!) I accidentally deleted it.

So, now I am testing out an ‘offline blog editor’ which is supposed to make it harder for me to make stupid mistakes like clicking a delete key.

This is being written on ScribeFire. It’s easy enough but I can’t find the feature that saves the post on my computer so that I have the backup I need….when I’m offline.


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clock and hourglass

Most astrologers have a ‘handle’ on time or time management. I suggest you seek one out. For the common folk, living your life according to man-made time measurements and man-made time-keeping devices can be quite stressful.

It’s fascinating to study the history of timekeeping. It’s even more fascinating to contemplate our obsessive need to measure (and thereby, control) time.

What stood out for me most in my research was how each new ‘technological’ achievement led to a new measurement. For instance, we began to ‘tell time’ at first by just noting Day/Night. That worked for a very, very long time. Next came the devices that helped us to measure Seasons. Think Stonehenge. That worked for a long time too.

Then somewhere along the way humans felt the need/desire to create a calendar/clock and begin to measure time in smaller increments. The creation of the assembly line along with the development of the railroad are primarily responsible for the micro-management of time and it’s resultant stressors that we feel today. The assembly line wouldn’t work unless everyone showed up at the same time. Same thing for the railroad. You had to be there on time if you wanted to catch the train. Ergo we have hours & minutes.

Today the scientists are measuring the nanosecond and beyond, as if it mattered!

The yogi’s teach us how to think about time, too.

In fact, nearly all spiritual traditions on the planet teach us to keep our attention on the present moment. Now……….is all there is. Everything else is an idea in the mind and does not exist. Years of practice has helped me to discover for myself how important these spiritual truths can be.

I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about time. It’s not a renewable resource. Once the moment is gone, it’s gone for all time.

It’s been some time since I posted here. It’s been a time of deep inquiry & contemplation. Blogging has opened up my awareness to some possibilities that I never thought of before. Tomorrow, Mercury will be moving direct once again. In fact, all the planets, except Time Lord Saturn, are now moving forward. Time to carry on.

Astrology Blogging journal entry Planets and their Cycles Time Management

and landed right, smack, dab in the middle of the ‘wealth’ corner in my yard.

The dog that I was doggy-sitting for, saw it happen and went a little crazy….barking! jumping! very excited! She hadn’t done anything like this before, so it definitely caught my attention.

Feng Shui teaches us how to look at our environment as a ‘story unfolding’ . In ancient times when a change appeared in the local landscape the feng shui master would be called in to interpret this *change* in the environment. Change precipitates change. It’s a universal truth.

Chinese New Year Coming Soon. It’s been nearly a year since I began this blog. Hmmm. Where to go from here?

Blogging Feng Shui journal entry



Time to leave the world of words for a while and immerse myself into the vibration of harp strings.

It’s pure love.

I’m getting together with some other harpers today. We’re practicing so that we can be ready if a ‘gig’ comes up. It doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy making music together with other musicians. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve always thought of the harp as a solo instrument…..until I saw one of those huge, golden, shimmering pedal harps in the corner of an orchestra. That wasn’t me.

Anyway, I’m taking my harp on the road these days looking for where the musical thread of my life may take me.

As for medicine, well………………who said, “Music soothes the Savage Beast?”


harp therapy

Om nama shivaya.

Blogging Harp Music sound/music therapy


back to the Hill House

Have you noticed how the outside really does reflect the inside? All the time.

I’ve just returned from Kripalu Center where I was able to take on the role of musician in the Saptah ‘event’ and then facilitator and yoga leader in the IQI.

A lot happened. Nothing happened. The stillpoint that becomes present when I find my center was exquisitly healing for me personally & professionally.

And, just to remind me that the universe supports inward journeying I’ve arrived home during the balsamic phase of the moon; another opportunity to develop relationship with the more causal levels of existence.

I’ll be facilitating another yoga nidra this thursday.

The astrology is perfect.

I feel like I’m doing my part to bring peace to the planet.

I couldn’t do this work without practicing peace for myself.

May we live in peace, no matter what we’re given.

Om nama shivaya.


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I got to watch a bridge being built. That isn’t something that happens around here very often. However, the day I signed the contract for my new home the old bridge that got me there was torn down. How’s that for a metaphor?!?!

It took a year to move in……….a year to go the long way around to get to what is “just over there”. I had to constantly travel in circles. Life’s like that sometimes.
After I finally did move in I was able to watch construction. (There were all kinds of delay’s and setbacks that prevented the new construction from moving ahead too quickly??)

I was fortunate (or quite unfortunate) enough to be in my home as they began to “drive in the pilings” that would provide support for the structure. The ground vibrated violently in resistance to the plunging and pummeling machinery. The sound was deafening and there were days when I thought my eardrums were truly going to implode or something! Naturally, I tried to leave when I could and schedule my time around this horrendous interruption in my ‘peace of mind’.

What became so interesting was how my life began to ‘open up’ after the bridge was complete and I could, once again, get to where I had to go more directly. It was as if the bridge became a metaphor for my life. Quite amazing, actually.
Today, another bridge is being repaired in my neighborhood. (I live where there’s a lot of water!) Once again, my habitual route to everywhere is interrupted with another detour. Methinks that Mars Retrograde has shown up as a very interesting metophor in my life. Thankfully, this bridge is a bit down the road and I don’t need to listen to the noise again. Oh well.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 10 days of bliss up at Kripalu. I don’t think I’ll have any time to post, but you never know. Happy New Year.

the bridge across the street

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