It’s About Time, Part One

clock and hourglass

Most astrologers have a ‘handle’ on time or time management. I suggest you seek one out. For the common folk, living your life according to man-made time measurements and man-made time-keeping devices can be quite stressful.

It’s fascinating to study the history of timekeeping. It’s even more fascinating to contemplate our obsessive need to measure (and thereby, control) time.

What stood out for me most in my research was how each new ‘technological’ achievement led to a new measurement. For instance, we began to ‘tell time’ at first by just noting Day/Night. That worked for a very, very long time. Next came the devices that helped us to measure Seasons. Think Stonehenge. That worked for a long time too.

Then somewhere along the way humans felt the need/desire to create a calendar/clock and begin to measure time in smaller increments. The creation of the assembly line along with the development of the railroad are primarily responsible for the micro-management of time and it’s resultant stressors that we feel today. The assembly line wouldn’t work unless everyone showed up at the same time. Same thing for the railroad. You had to be there on time if you wanted to catch the train. Ergo we have hours & minutes.

Today the scientists are measuring the nanosecond and beyond, as if it mattered!

The yogi’s teach us how to think about time, too.

In fact, nearly all spiritual traditions on the planet teach us to keep our attention on the present moment. Now……….is all there is. Everything else is an idea in the mind and does not exist. Years of practice has helped me to discover for myself how important these spiritual truths can be.

I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about time. It’s not a renewable resource. Once the moment is gone, it’s gone for all time.

It’s been some time since I posted here. It’s been a time of deep inquiry & contemplation. Blogging has opened up my awareness to some possibilities that I never thought of before. Tomorrow, Mercury will be moving direct once again. In fact, all the planets, except Time Lord Saturn, are now moving forward. Time to carry on.

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