Recommended: Feng Shui Reading List

Note from teacher.                                                                                                                     

This list is just a starting point and will probably frustrate those who want to focus on colors and cures. It’s my belief that the philosophical, ethical, and moral precepts must be understood first.  Historical background, scientific advances, and psychological awareness and spiritual practices are all helpful to know as well, if you wish to really understand ‘feng shui’.   I hope to add to this list as my classes expand. Free lecture Feb 23, 2012. 


The List:

Tao te Ching

I Ching (I recommend: Carol Anthony’s Guide to:)

The Geodetic World Map by Chris McRae

The Power of Place by Winifred Gallagher – great!

The Psychology of AstroCartogGraphy

The Living Earth Manual of Feng Shui….an introduction to geomancy

The Way of Feng Shui

Astro-locality Maps

Working with local Space

Planets in Locality: a bible for compass-school practitioners


Feng Shui & The Tango  I met this couple during a conference where we both were presenters. Their writing is short, precise, and straight to the point.