Musings, Ahimsa & The Bagua

Last updated on May 28, 2014

ahimsamlkIt’s MLK Day.

A day of peace?

more war?



When hopes, and dreams, and cures, & kingdoms fail, what then?

For some odd reason of neural wiring, I always seem to link MLK to Gandhi.

Maybe it is because they both have darker skin then me?

How to know anything, for sure, anymore?

We live in a world that debates the definition of the word “is”.  And, perhaps, it is a worthwhile discussion to have?

Discussions and conversations give us opportunities to practice ahimsa, and amen to that.

I met Gandhi’s grandson about 10 years ago.  He gave a talk on ahimsa and told a story that really helped me to understand the concept,  rather than the definition.

Non-Violence in all things is a way of life, that begins again with every breath you take.  Start now.  Start again.

My teachers taught me how to look at myself,  first.  Practice.


The Bagua is an ancient map that helps us to understand the world around us.  It’s part of the Feng Shui tool box. Light a candle in your spiritual corner today, chant an om or a tone, and meditate on peace.

I’m leading yoga tonite……6pm.  Feng Shui Trainings coming this Spring.


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