Living in Ease….the way of Feng Shui

Chinese New Year is coming and it’s the year of the goat.  I don’t practice that particular astrological system, but I do practice Chinese Feng Shui, just about everyday.  It’s a gift to know where and how to make a small adjustment to tweak the movement of chi in my life. I am grateful.   Feng shui has brought amazing and noticable results in my personal life and for my clients as well.

Feng Shui teaches us many things. Mostly, it teaches us how to look at the world outside of our personal selves and align with what is harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful. But, that’s probably not what’s in your mind as you gaze upon the bushels of unfolded laundry blocking the bathroom door….

In ancient times when a change appeared in the local landscape the feng shui master would be called in to interpret this *change* in the environment. Change precipitates change. It’s a universal truth. If we learn to look at our surroundings and the environment beyond our walls as a ‘story unfolding’ another perspective begins to reveal itself. The art of feng shui allows us to direct the flow of chi using intention, provided that the proper conditions for manifestation exist in the time/space location. The time element is revealed thru astrology.

Feng Shui is also about looking beyond our personal self to see things that go un-noticed. Un-noticed, not because they’re hard to see (which is possible), but un-noticed because we have probably become habituated or quite accustomed to the sight of what we’re looking at. We who live on coastlines and in cities are well aware of how important a feng shui perspective can be. But, I digress. Come to my workshop…..attract good fortune.