IAYT presents: Sytar 2016

The 2016 SYTAR conference was as good, and better in some ways than last years in Newport Beach.   Different presenters, different speakers, and a different agenda.  Much time was spent on the issue of credentials, as well as how to collect data for research so to make yoga therapy more “evidence-based”.   I guess that’s the only way to satisfy our western models for success.  I was grateful to see a lot of attention given to yoga therapy and mental health, addiction, and trauma.  These topics, here, at this conference illustrate the international  nature of the mental health/addiction crisis.  Yoga therapy can help. IMG_1845

In a specialty class with a teacher from Australia I learned about spanda and I’m really excited to bring the techniques  to my classes and clients.  Most of my clientele are quite enthusiastic about exploring the subtle body and spandana (the practice of accessing ‘spanda’) will help them understand that there are many paths to the inner peace we all seek.

All in all, I’ve returned totally re-inspired and still committed to bringing yoga therapy to the community in anyway that I can.

Group Classes continue at The Sanctuary, and private sessions are available by appointment.    I am inspired to offer a Yoga Rx Clinic once a month.  Thirty minute sessions, available without an appointment.  Thinking Saturday’s.  Any feedback?

Jai Bhagwan!