Yoga Practices for a Lunar Cycle.

1. Remember to  Prepare your space. A little feng shui goes a long way. Visit “functional feng shui” for more information.

2.  Create an intention integrating astrology in it’s highest and best manifestation.

3. Do your practices.

4. Let go of outcome

Consider choosing a mantra for the gods/goddesses that rule the various planets which are impacting you. Vedic priests/astrologers have been chanting mantra’s to the planets for centuries with some amazing results.

When first starting I  followed the moon around until I was able to feel her rhythm internally.  So,  every 3.5 days my practice would change. (Each lunar phase = 3.5 days)

Here’re some ideas:

Moon in Aries days: Sun salutes, heat, asana’s that feel assertive, warrior, Ha Breath’s, etc. Kapallabhati.

Moon in Taurus days: lotus, easy pose, savasana, toning (to stimulate throat area0, long holdings, dirga pranayama

Moon in Gemini days; mindfulness practices, journaling after asana practice, co-listening if you practice with others, vinyasa flows of short holdings, walking meditations…..

Moon in Cancer days: connecting with the emotional body, yoga nidra, child’s pose, forward bends, free-flow, take my ‘practice’ into mealtime with conscious eating.

Moon in Leo days: Lion, Camel, Cobra, heart openers, heating postures, Laughing meditations, playful poses, dialogue on ahamkara (the role of ego in yoga).

Moon in Virgo days: purification practices, windrelievers, agni sara, pranayama’s, get into more detail on asana’s, refer to specific muscles/bones/organs/etc. ….

Moon in Libra days: balancing poses, scans of R/L sides of body noting differences, checking in each asana for weight distribution (top/bottom right/left), Finding Center,

Moon in Scorpio days:  2nd chakra poses, long holdings, build intensity, practices which bring awareness to the emotional body,

Moon in Sag days:  include scripture/writings, heating poses, large movements, travel thru the room, take up a lot of ‘space’, be inspirational

Moon in Capricorn days:  concentrate on structural form,  practice tapas, use discipline, slow everything down.

Moon in Aquarius days:  Meditate on detachment.  Hold an intention that my practice will serve the greater good of all beings,

Moon in Pisces days:  yoga nidra, savasana, metta meditation,  facilitate satsang,