Yoga Legislation in NJ

As you know, I don’t usually engage in online political discourse however I am going to make an exception here today.
In our Tuesday am class we discussed the link that I am sending you and as a group we sort of decided that this NJ Congressman needs to hear from us, us being those practicing yoga.
As you will read,  Assemblyman Joseph J. Roberts from District 5 (Camden & Gloucester) has submitted a bill to the legislature of NJ that would require yoga teachers and studios to be licensed by the State.  He lumps us in with “exercise facilities” & “fitness professionals”, disregarding completely the uniqueness of yoga.  His ignorance reflects that of the mainstream with regards to what yoga really is.
Now, I do not claim to KNOW what yoga actually is, or isn’t.
I’m still engaged in the practice of knowing who I am or aren’t and we all know how long that can take!  Nevertheless, I feel that it’s my civic responsibility to add my voice to any issue that touches my heart.  This one, ‘got me’……………………………….
I feel that I am doing a part by keeping you informed.  Integrating skillfull mental activity (buddhi) with willfull action (tapas) and a spirited purpose (karma) is tough stuff and needs lots of practice.
My intentions are to join with other yoga/wellness/holistic professionals in NJ in educating our legislature as to the reality of yoga.
Many voices speaking truth at the same time can be ‘transformational’.
Do what you will.
Trust that everything is good.
And, please, share your yoga experience(s) with those around you so that we can bring more people out of ignorance and into the light.
Om shanti.
All that said, here are some links to check out regarding this issue.

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