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Last updated on May 21, 2014

IMG_0795It’s been nearly a week since I made my last post, and what a week it’s been!

Just as the moon slipped into the balsamic phase and Saturn made it’s station, my daughter gave birth to her daughter. I was so grateful to be a witness to this miracle of birth……what a moment. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

I’ve been facilitating pre-natal yoga for about 5 years, however this was my first opportunity to witness the techniques in action. Personally, I didn’t begin my yoga practice until after my children were born, so I don’t have any first-hand info to share. However, my daughter practiced yoga thruout her pregnancy and her experience of childbirth was 180 degrees different from my own. (No doubt modern-medicine had an impact as well as the presence of an enlightened doula/midwife)

Watching my daughter I was amazed at her composure & her acceptance during the powerful contractions of late labor. She appeared to be under control and quite present thruout those slow minutes of ‘discomfort’. I, however, found myself tense, tight, and frightened for her. Clearly, her long-standing yoga practice supported her, while my even longer yoga practice kinda went by the wayside during this highly emotional time!

Afterward, I spoke with her well experienced doula and asked her if she saw a difference between mothers who practiced yoga and those who don’t.
” Absolutely!!”, she replied. Their labors were shorter, the delivery’s were easier, and they were more composed. The doctor agreed.

I am thrilled to have been present for the miracle that is my 1st GrandDaughter. I am so proud of my daughter, that she could be so willing to trust the process and be present for this event. Yoga teaches us to be more present in our bodies and to be fully connected to the Now, regardless of what is happening. Suffering, negativity, and pain are all minimized when we can Be Here Now. At the miraculous moments of birth, the ‘now’ is the place to be.

Perhaps when I return home to my students I’ll initiate a workshop, Yoga for Grand Mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi.

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