Yipes! A Yod with Uranus

activates my Yod!

A yod is an astrological pattern that has been nicknamed “the finger of god”.  It consists of 2 inconjuncts & a sextile.   It’s an uncommon pattern,  most do not have one in their chart.  If you do have one consult your favorite astrologer for a complete interpretation.  I have 2 of them, so my attention was peaked from the start.

Yod’s can be catalysts for spiritual events……things like: awakening, transformation, enlightenment, and experiences like that.  Rarely do these events happen with ease and comfort.  Think of a snake and the process it goes thru when shedding it’s skin…..

scan0005.jpgI’ve seen this coming….sort of.  Doesn’t really matter because there’s not much you can do to control it, or prepare for it, most especially if Uranus is involved!  Decades of yoga study, practice, and teaching seem more relevant now.

But, more so, after 40+ years of astrological study and life experience I can certainly attest to the benefits of having astrological insight when life gets messy.

I’ve been on the phone for days with clients.  It’s really fulfilling to help someone make sense out of things that don’t make sense.

more later.