Last updated on October 18, 2022

I found this passage recently…  it’s part of the conversation between Krishna & Arjuna.  Gazillions of words have been spoken and written and debated and turned into graphic novels to re-tell the story of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Matsya Vedh  (Piercing-Eye) competition is one of a few different archery competitions that Arjuna had engaged in to achieve his dharma.   Shooting at an eagle eye was another.

Hindu mythology has lots of stories that reference water/flooding and the value of the fish.  Both the seated spinal twist (matsyandrasana) and the ‘fish’ pose (matsyasana) ask us to be mindful of the water element in our bodies.

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A night before the day of Matsya Vedh (Piercing fish eye) competition, Krishna & Arjuna are conversing……..

Krishna says, “Arjuna, take care,

put your step forward

and concentrate on the eye of the fish”

Arjuna says, ” If I have to do everything, then what will you do?”

Krishna whispers softly, “What you can’t do, I will do”.

Arjuna asks, “And what is it that I can’t do?”

Krishna replies,

“I will keep the water steady…..”