Void of(f) Course

It’s a void-of-course moon again today! Oh, yippee!!! Because I don’t think I have another ‘productive’ minute in my body. It’s time to re-group and practice some deep breathing. Chiron’s coming around soon.

It ends around 11:24 pm tonite……… yup, time to get a good rest in.

The void-of-course moon is like a microcosm of the longer measurement of time called the balsamic phase of the moon. The difference is simply the length of time……ie. 6 min / 6 hrs….get it? Check out the other posts all over this site on the ‘balsamic moon’. There’s a search engine over there in the upper right hand corner.

BTW, the balsamic phase begins just as the void-of-course ends………..yup, a nice long rest will do fine….Equinox coming, too.

Om shanti.

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