Update on Eris

I think I just noticed something else about this ‘data’ on Eris.

Look at it with me and please let me know if you see what I see.

20 Jan 2007  20Ar14'03"
30 Jan 2007  20Ar15'55"
 9 Feb 2007  20Ar18'49"
19 Feb 2007  20Ar22'41"
 1 Mar 2007  20Ar27'23"
11 Mar 2007  20Ar32'47"
21 Mar 2007  20Ar38'44"
31 Mar 2007  20Ar45'05"
10 Apr 2007  20Ar51'37"
20 Apr 2007  20Ar58'12"
30 Apr 2007  21Ar04'38"
10 May 2007  21Ar10'45"
20 May 2007  21Ar16'24"
30 May 2007  21Ar21'26"
 9 Jun 2007  21Ar25'44"
19 Jun 2007  21Ar29'11"
29 Jun 2007  21Ar31'41"
 9 Jul 2007  21Ar33'11"
19 Jul 2007  21Ar33'40"
29 Jul 2007  21Ar33'05"
 8 Aug 2007  21Ar31'28"
18 Aug 2007  21Ar28'52"
28 Aug 2007  21Ar25'23"
 7 Sep 2007  21Ar21'06"
17 Sep 2007  21Ar16'07"
27 Sep 2007  21Ar10'38"
 7 Oct 2007  21Ar04'49"
17 Oct 2007  20Ar58'50"
27 Oct 2007  20Ar52'53"
 6 Nov 2007  20Ar47'10"
16 Nov 2007  20Ar41'53"
26 Nov 2007  20Ar37'11"
 6 Dec 2007  20Ar33'16"
16 Dec 2007  20Ar30'14"
26 Dec 2007  20Ar28'13"

It appears to me that Eris tends to go retrograde a lot. I guess that’s because it’s so very, very far away. Retrograde motion (the appearance of going backwards) is common in astrology. The time period when the planet is in the process of switching is called ‘stationing’. Most astrologers agree that when a planet ‘stations’ the ‘energy of that planet’ intensifies. Yuck. Eris intensifying doesn’t sound like much fun. Eris, remember, is the goddess of strife.

So look at the data above and you’ll see that on July 9 she turned retrograde and sometime in mid-January, 2008 she’ll resume forward motion. (Click on the data for the link to the rest of it)

Hmmm. Not sure what this means, however I’d prefer forward motion myself unless we can actually clean up and resolve some of this worldly strife that seems to be affecting everyone, everywhere.

Today, as stated in this last post, we’re looking at 22degrees of Aries for some interpretive material. Last time we looked into Dane Rudyhar’s degree analysis. Today we’ll look at Dr. Marc Edmund Jones for some clues.

In his book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, he writes that “this is a symbol of man’s uncompromisting faith in the fact of his being…..” He goes on to say that “Here is self-fulfillment in the realization that there are always unlimited days ahead and that immeasurable frontiers are yet to be crossed.”

Sounds good to me. However by October we’re back to the difficulty of 21 deg. Aries where there is a “complete lack of personal sensitiveness”. Ugh.

With Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars all getting ready to enter into Cardinal signs, Eris is likely to be quite stimulated over the next few decades!

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