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Last updated on May 18, 2014


moon photo

It’s the Gibbous phase of the moon.



Caught between a rock and hard place again.

Feeling like you’re 99% pregnant.

The only thing to do is wait,

and maybe,

if you’re lucky

you might actualy see some

improvement happening

….at least you’re trying.

Gibbous means almost lit up………

and that’s what you see in the night sky these next few days……..

a moon that’s Almost Full.

Frustration is a common element during these days,

A frustration that seems to be building in energy.

The headlines will describe it to you beautifully.

The planet Neptune is also prominent now in it’s opposition to Saturn.

Together they are asking us to be the Visionary and the Authority at the same time.

That’s one way to balance out the various astrological aspects occuring these days.

The yogic lesson for this phase is to learn how to get comfortable with what is.

To learn to see oneself with more discernment, to recognize the flaws and then continue to practice refinement & perfection of spirit.

Practice Santosha.

Wow. Is that all????

So, watch your yoga practice over the next couple of days. The next time you’re challenged in a pose or movement try to identify the source of that challenge, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Then, take a deep breath and practice letting go of whatever tensions are still in place. Expect yoga to be quite ‘edgy’ until the Full Moon Phase on June 30.

Have a great gibbous.

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