Tropical or Sidereal?

Did you know that there are two zodiacs?

The difference between them is largely a question of measurement and how and where to begin measuring. Volumes have been written and it’s not necessary for our purposes here to go into it in any detail.

The tropical zodiac is mostly used by western astrologers and looks at the sky with reference to the solstice and equinox points. Then they divide the sky up into twelve 30-degree segments and there you have it.

The sidereal zodiac is primarily used by vedic astrologers and is more closely related to the actual placement of the stars in their constellations.

The actual difference between these two zodiacs is approximately 23 degrees depending on which astronomer or astrologer you consult.

Although I do not consider myself either a western or an eastern astrologer, I can’t help but think that the Siderealists are more connected to ‘reality’ since they are looking at the sky as it is, rather than observing it as a mathematical construct. That said, the symbolism of the outer planets which are ignored by the jyotishi’s, is vitally important during these changing paradigms.

Recently there has been some discussion about the 13th zodiac sign and the shifting dates of each of the other 12 signs. This seemingly contradictory information has been discussed for many, many decades and does not in anyway diminish the validity of astrological analysis.

Astrology works.

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