Thinking about the teachers in my life and…….

antique zodiacI found this posting by Ingrid Naiman, one of my current, favorite teachers.  I can’t remember where I saw she posted this.

My astrology teacher, Ivy Jacobson, was born with Sirius rising and when I was lecturing at a conference at the University of Adelaide, a group of us went wild as some of us for the first time saw how immensely bright this near neighbor appears Downunder . . . where, for the record, Ivy was born (Brisbane). Like many who are born with at least some residual continuity of consciousness, at three, she asked her father if she could have Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos for her birthday. It had to be ordered from London and took nearly a year to arrive. She had it memorized in no time. Her father seemed to recognize what a rare gift had been born and he shielded her from the rough influences of “civilization.” She never set foot in a classroom until arriving in San Francisco around age 20. However, she was self-schooled in music, architecture, foreign languages, and astrology and probably many other subjects. I will be forever grateful to her for her superb and patient mentoring that included countless techniques not used by other astrologers of this era.

Ivy Jacobson was my first astrology teacher too!  I still have the certificate she signed for me dated, June 1, 1981.

There are many things in life we need teachers for.  Maybe some of you think you can learn everything on the internet.  And, you can learn a lot.  And, yeah it’s great that you can now see a real-time face and hear a voice from a distance as you learn online.  But, oh my, how much more there is to learn from these wise ones up, close, and personal.  Love a teacher today.

Om shanti.

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