The Supreme’s – 2022

Last updated on May 3, 2023


Who's Who?

They’ve been in the news alot lately, getting analyzed every which way.  So, I got curious and gathered together their birth info to create this who’s who on the Supreme Court in Dec.2022.  Can you figure out who’s who?  It’s a fun little exercise if learning astrology.  Each of these charts was calculated only from mo/dd/yr of birth.  No time or location was used.  I’ve place the SUN on the Horizon, since it’s pretty easy to assume that their ego’s are prominent.  More will be revealed.

There’s so much data/information in just this small slice of judicial role models it boggles the mind.  Still, it’s a good place to begin a conversation…..

It’s my intention to write an article with which to compare my discoveries with others pursuing the same perspective.  Of course, we still have to look at the chart for the USA to get some context.   They don’t call them “birth pains” for nothing.