The Salon for Astrological Discourse – 2022

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. “
~Dane Rudyhar


FEBRUARY 27, 2022

12:30 – 3:30 PM 

 When we take a wider and cyclical view of current events it becomes easier to prioritize, plan, and accept our circumstances.  Perspective alters when we zoom out and/or zoom in.

TIME is a fascinating subject.  For this workshop we’ll talk about our concept of time and apply it towards whatever area of life we are most concerned with.  All is revealed astrologically speaking.  For the astro-geeks, the Synodic Cycle of the planets is our reference point.

That said, allow me to take this opportunity to acknowledge Robert Buz Myers for his contribution to my understanding of the synodic cycle and how to integrate it into one’s daily life.  It was in the early ’80 when we met and the first thing I learned about him was that we shared the same birthday! Of all the teachers I have studied astrology with, Buz is one of a select few who enabled me to grow in profound and transformative ways. He taught me how to ‘use’ astrology to make my life easier. He taught me how to feel astrology inside my skin. He taught me how to integrate the separate, and individual pieces of who I am into a harmonic whole. He provided a viewpoint of astrology that keeps me connected, plugged-in, and supported during bad times & good. He introduced me to Synodic Cycles and I am forever grateful. It’s only now that the astrological community is finally talking about it. Things take time.  I feel blessed that I am one of the few carrying on his teachings.

We’ll also spend some time on one’s personal life and strategies for how to live *well* in accordance with the vaults of knowledge known as Yoga.   Understanding the  synodic cycle is quite useful and the concepts learned are easily applicable to every area of your life.   Don’t worry about what don’t know or can’t remember.  Start where you are.  It’s all good. I will post  the zoom link below if you’d like to join us.   The meeting will be recorded and posted to my You Tube Channel.  As a certified yoga therapist it is also my intention to reduce stress wherever I can and help create peace, love & acceptance of what is.  Sprinkled within our time together will be numerous practices and experiences to help you integrate the information.

 $75  includes recording.    $45 to attend.   Payment is expected on or before workshop begins.  Go here for that.

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