The pause in-between……..

As we transition from the joy of competition (The Olympics) , to the agony of defeat (The 2008 Presidential election) it’s a good time to remember the yoga practice of breathing in the pauses.  For those who live their yoga, here is an opportunity to add another ‘level of awareness’ to your practice.    (Personal note: Kripalu Yoga is especially suited to elevating your awareness thru breath.)

Remember that, your intentions modulate and create your experiences.

Picture 001 Let’s practice now………….

Take one, just ONE really, really long breath and remain as focused and attentive to it, as best you can. Pay attention to body sensations, mental activity, emotional impulses, and the fact that you are a spiritual entity in a human body.  See what happens.  Repeat….often/when necessary.

Good work.


Check out these posts I wrote a while ago and then return to your either your breathing practice or your favorite media and see how the headlines really do mirror the astrology.  It’s fascinating to watch.

Last Days of Sag…

There’s a lot going on……….

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