Choosing an Astrologer- a personal disclaimer

Point #1. Astrology takes a long time to learn. Sure, you can study with teachers and read a lot of books. It’s been around for thousands of years so there’s enough information out there to fill up an encyclopedia, or two. However, like yoga, the best lessons of astrology are those that you have learned experientially. Living your life, consciously, and watching the synchronization of cosmic movement to life on earth is an education that cannot be gained by filling your brain with information. Seeing, feeling, witnessing, interacting whether it be in accordance with or in resistance to, are the ways in which astrology becomes real.

Point #2. Astrology does not exist in a vacuum. What I mean by this is that the best astrologers I know have a multi-disciplinary education. In other words, they have not limited themselves to knowing everything they can about astrology. Rather, they have also studied subjects such as: philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, consciousness, anatomy, biology, physics, chemistry, numerology, i-ching, theosophy, history, science, etc. etc. Just about any subject out there can support and enhance an astrologer’s ability to interpret the cosmic forces. Did I mention yoga?

Point #3. Having the information, the experience, and the education still does not guarantee that a practitioner can indeed relate to people.  Many in the field are much better skilled at writing, rather than interacting with numerous different personality types. It’s important if you are looking to apply all of the information in this manual to your professional practice that you have:

  • 1. excellent communication skills
  • 2. appropriate boundaries
  • 3. limited expectations
  • 4. clear intentions

Point #4. It’s also important to remember that as a therapist/teacher/astrologer you have also taken the time and energy to thoroughly understand your own ‘stuff’ . This is particularly important when you begin to work with individuals. It’s a metaphysical/astrological fact that every client you attract will be a mirror to your self. I’ve been counseling clients for over 30 years and it still amazes me how often a client will have a chart that is amazingly similar to my own. Many astrologers will tell you the same truth. The mirror principal is a fundamental law of nature.

Point #5.  During a time when I was engaged in my own ‘teacher-training’ one of my teachers was emphatic on directing us to only “teach what you have learned” (experientially, in your own body).  In other words, just because you have read the books does not meaned that you have actually learned the lessons.  It’s the difference between information and knowledge.  As yoga teachers/therapists our job is to share our knowledge rather than just information and to know the difference.