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ClovertreesCHIROS: Time has usually been considered (‘with the stars’) the realm of the planet Saturn, but in actuality, Saturn only rules one type of time–chronological time. [duration]. Chiros (Kairos) represents time that is outside that realm–time that obeys an entirely different set of laws [if it does, indeed, obey any law al all]. Chiros has even been called, ‘timeless time’. Many people have been able to enter this type of time through deep meditation. Remember that Chiron’s orbit is, for the most part, beyond Saturn, and that will assist you in contemplating a time which is not ruled by the clock or the calendar.

Ancient Wisdom Astrology Meditation

Time is a horse that moves with seven rays,

with a thousand eyes, undecaying,

who projects a manifold seed.

Him the seers mount, illumined in mind.

His wheels are all the worlds.

Time moves seven wheels.

He has seven mouths, whose center is immortal and undecaying.

He anoints himself with all these worlds.  He moves as the first of the Gods.

A full vessel is set in time.

May we who live see his manifold forms.

He faces all the worlds, who, the seers say,

is time

in the supreme

void.  He gathered all the worlds together.

He encompasses all the universe.

As their father, he became their son,

apart from whom there is no other light.


(Atharva Veda XIX.23, 1-4)

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mayan pyramid

I just finished reading Calleman’s book on the Mayan Calender.

Prior to that I finished Barbara Hand Clow’s book that she wrote to discuss Calleman’s book.

Daniel Pinchbeck’s book titled: 2012 adds a few different twists to the unfolding story.

According to some of these modern-day prophets & wizards, the Mayan’s really knew what they knew and their pyramids, writings, and most especially their calendars were amazing, physical testaments of their knowledge.

The Mayan Calendar is a  time-measurement tool that is tracking “spiritual” time……and their-in lies the dilemma. Our entire, planetary culture  has lost it’s ability to perceive’s what spiritual time’ is, with a few notable, exceptional, people.

But, don’t worry, be happy. We’ll understand soon. It’ll be right on time.  We’re now at the end of what they call, Day 5….a time of transitioning, a mid-point as such.

We can see the forks in the road, clearly. It is time to make conscious choices that improve the wellbeing of all beings………..or not.

Night 5 of the current ‘Underworld’ of the Mayans, begins this November and continues until Nov.2008  Day 6 begins Nov.08.

By Oct. 28, 2011 according to Calleman the Mayan Calendar ends.

What’s sooo interesting  to me about this is that the same time cycles appear in the calendars of the early Vedic Culture and they lived at least half a planet away from the Mayans. Similarities and synchronicities abound between the yogi’s and the mayans.

Whose calendar do you follow?


And more importantly;

Will Astrology be necessary after 2012?

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi…………………….

Ancient Wisdom