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nestinthewindowCan you see the nest?  It’s brand new!  The Feng Shui of it, is simply marvelous.  I am grateful.

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And, it runs right thru Southern California on my astro-cartography map. AstroCartography is an astrological technique by which we re-draw the ‘map of the heavens’ and place it on Planet Earth. Mathematically, we are transforming time into space…..or rather, integrating them…..together.

I became fascinated by this technique from Jim Lewis way back in the ’80’s. I took a weekend workshop where Jim taught the attending astrologers how to work with his maps and It blew me away! I’ve been playing around with this technique ever since and I’ve come to respect it as much as the more traditional ways to use astrology. When combined with feng shui, astro-cartography becomes a powerful methodology for positive action. Go here to read a post on a related topic. 

I don’t have any major lines running thru my current hometown location. I have two paran lines that I cross over if I drive a couple hours south. Other than that, not much going on here for me in NJ.

However, as you can see by looking at this map the line representing Pluto goes right thru Long Beach, California where I am going to be spending a month, soon. Oh dear! For this Scorpio Sun, it’s a mixed blessing for sure. No doubt it’ll be a life-changing (transformational) trip.

 Pluto Line

The horizontal (paran) line that crosses it near Long Beach represents Mercury/Jupiter. Aaaaah. That feels better…..especially since I will be spending a good deal of time writing while I’m out there. For one who earns her living teaching, this location could be quite a ‘page-turner’! 🙂

Transiting Pluto is moving thru my 6th house these days and coming into orb of my Moon/Uranus opp. Venus aspect. It’s the tightest aspect in my chart and hasn’t had a major aspect from Pluto in a long time. Something is getting ready to happen for sure.

So, what to do?

Following my own advice the first thing is to notice….thoughts, feelings, attitudes, expectations, prejudices, all the ‘knee-jerk’, unconscious responses to this information. I confess to a little fear, but also anticipation and excitement too.

For now, I think the task is simply to get comfortable with not-knowing anything (for certain) and stay open to possibilities.

Hmmm. Sounds like a plan.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi. dorothy

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The WayIt’s been a while since I’ve written any feng shui posts. It’s a
frequent topic for conversation in a couple of my hatha yoga classes.
Go figure.

Yoga. Feng Shui. Well, yes….it does make sense.

Feng Shui is all about looking outside of us to see the things that
usually go un-noticed. Un-noticed, not because they’re hard to see
(which is possible), but un-noticed because we have probably become
habituated or quite accustomed to the sight of what we’re looking at.

For instance, my garage roof is looking quite………………………….untidy.

It’s been that way ever since I’ve moved into the house. It doesn’t
leak or create any problems…..it just looks a little messy. It has an
old wooden roof, moss growing all over it, one shake at the top/center
is missing and, the old white aluminum door is partially green from
lack of sunlight. Last year I spent the entire spring/summer season
cleaning out the inside which is now quite orderly, for me. My garage
sits in the south east corner of my property, sometimes known as the
“resource” gua. In terms of local space feng shui (astrology) the garage is on the line that represents the North Node. Hmm. That’s a tricky one to delineate.

Confucious…….Talented feng shui consultants are able to look at things like my garage and get
a felt sense of where this untidiness or disorder is showing up in my
life. It may or may not have a direct effect on those areas of my life
symbolized by the placement of the garage. It’s possible that a
different ‘polarity’ is being affected. It helps to have a clear mind
when considering (con-sider: with the stars) all of the possibilities.
HOW WE CHOOSE TO THINK about something we see affects the outcome. Yes?
Of course.

Yoga is all about what is going on inside. What is present
emotionally/mentally (especially on the unconscious level) when I look
at my garage? Am I disturbed?

I kinda like it, actually. …….adds a bit of a rustic feeling to
the plastic veneer of typical suburbia. Cleaning it out was a good
thing, it created clear space for other things to happen…………and
A LOT HAPPENED during that time of clean out. Perhaps I’ll tell the
story someday soon.

For now, I think I’ll just go and pick up all the sticks and
branches that have fallen around the yard over the past few windy days.
It’s good to keep the clutter to a minimum. There’s a New Moon today at
18 degrees of Pisces. The sabian symbol is, “In a gigantic tent,
villagers witness a spectacular performance”

Sun’s out!


Peace Hexagram

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Look at this map of the USA. It’s set for approximately 6pm, EST, 3/18/07.

solar map usa

The vertical lines on the map represent the orbital path  of each planets as it crosses the earth.  You might want to think of the path as a line of “chi” energy.

The horizonal lines that I’ve chosen to display, are called parans and represent the places where planetary lines cross each other.

The theory here is that different places on earth, have different energy patterns at different times. If we know our natal horoscopes we can convert that information to this mapping technique and discover where on earth we might thrive and live our lives more _______________. (fill in the blank).

These personal maps can be scaled down to our state, city, and neighborhood locales offering incredible information for personal growth.  One can even use what’s called Local Space Astrology for the inside of our homes, schools, hospitals, etc.  Then we use these lines of energy to arrange the inside to be in aliggnment with the outside.

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