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When we’re trying to make changes in our life the tasks ahead can seem overwhelming.  To Do lists grow, exponentially……………….or not at all.  Having a day ahead of you with nothing to do is as stressful as having a day that gives no pause.

Cleaning out clutter is a wonderful practice in it’s own right.  Forget about the big picture for a while, and just start cleaning out.  There’s plenty of information on the web and around the neighborhood on how to get organized, etc., etc.    Think of cleaning out clutter as your Personal Environmental De-Tox practice.  Once we’ve created some empty space around us, we’re poised for something to come in and fill it.

Here’s a wonderful story and it’s true.  During my real estate days I was frequently at odds at just how/where to get new business, a constant request/demand of the office manager/broker.  Lot’s of suggestions were offered, but none really inspired me to work any harder than I was already working.  I turned my attention to Feng Shui to get me out of my slump.

IMG_0567One morning, I decided to de-clutter my home office, and I began in the resource gua of that room.  I began at around 7:30am.  At 8am the phone rang with an old customer from years ago looking for me.  Wow. A beginning!  I was inspired to continue.    A little while later I found a file of a customer that I had worked with the previous year.  She wanted know how much her house was worth.  I thought to myself, this is someone for me to contact, now. I took the file to my office that afternoon.

Upon entering my real estate office, I immediately went to collect any messages.  And, much to my jaw-dropping amazement, there was a message there, for me, from the homeowner who’s file I carried into the office!

I de-cluttered, with an intention (to increase new business), and I had 2 solid lead to work with within hours of my action.

This is how Feng Shui can work.  Intention + Action = Possibilities/Results

Feng shui practices make manifest  our intentions relative to the consciousness of those that practice this ancient art.

Clean out some clutter today.

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