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Somewhere along the way to modernization and advancing technologies we lost track of one important thing. We are human animals, full of basic needs and instincts requiring regular doses of certain things such as light, color, fresh air, good food, clean air, and healthy environments. Whether or not the mind is consciously aware of what is present in the environment, the body is constantly receiving and responding to the steady flow of information emanating from the location. The further we are from a natural environment symbolically and actually, the more challenging and stressful it becomes to work and live. Environments create consciousness and consciousness creates behaviors. We are not separate from our environment whether we are inside or outside of buildings. Whether we are tense and stressed at our desks or in our kitchens our work and our lives will reflect that condition. And one thing is for certain these days…..everybody is tense!

When we begin to take conscious control over the unseen elements in our environments, subtle adjustments begin to occur in our psyche at the same time.

Try it. You’ll like it.

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