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Can you see the nest?  It’s brand new!  The Feng Shui of it, is simply marvelous.  I am grateful.

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To me, feng shui is a perspective that we cultivate.  It’s a way to see life that is impersonal, intuitive, and timely.  For instance, My attention was just captured by a young man cleaning up his dog’s solid waste deposited on the concrete alley behind my apartment’s garage.  That would be the “root’s” area of the bagua. It’s an interesting…

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As I write this, Chiron is in active conjunction with the North Node at 18+ degrees of Aquarius.  As many of you know, I have been actively watching Chiron’s travels for a while.  For me, this conjunction with Rahu (the vedic term for: North Node of the Moon) is a good opportunity to sweep and de-clutter the path in preparation…

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