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……I’ve given myself some time & space to write/tell some about my dear Aunt Em.  She is auntema sister to my mother, and also to Uncle Sam….he’s the one I storytold about at the Hamilton Grounds for Sculpture.  Blog post here. What’s so interesting is that since I told that story in September new information has come to me that sheds more light on my connection to civil rights issues…    and, We all need more light, you know?

The topic for the telling is Romance….which is a pretty wide open subject that can be interpreted in so many ways.  However, I knew immediately that this story about my aunt needed to be the first ‘romantic’ story I must tell.  Although, it is very tempting to fly open and tell some tales of my own romantic adventures.   But,most of the characters are still alive to contradict my perspective….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing……..and, now is not the time for that…..or is it?   (pardon my confusion……neptune hovers endlessly around my moon/mars/venus……

Telling the tales of my long departed family feels safe, and even important, since these people provided me with most of my DNA.  It’s good to know your roots and where you come from.  It’s good to see how the stories of our childhood have shaped us, molded us and continue to show us parts of ourselves that may go unnoticed.   But, I digress.   I learned a tune month’s ago at the Harper’s Escape and it’s perfect for this story and provides a perfect title as well…..The Factory Girl.  Don’t know if I’m bringing the harp though….the weather outside is frightful.

I’m going over to the Schedule page now to publish dates and times in case you are local and want to attend.  All Welcome…..


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spaghetti.jpgDear Aunt Em,

Today is your birthday, exactly one half a year away from my own suggesting that we are opposite in nature. I remember you most for your undaunting, stubborn spirit that kept you moving forward no matter what obstacles appeared in your path…..a true taurus if ever there was one.

I miss your presence in my life and I pray that you are in a better place. Your life was a quiet one with few around to witness your struggle. You died as you lived….quietly, solitary, and without struggle. You deserved more.

However, you were always quick to express your love for me with a smile, a hug, and offers of food.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Em. I miss you.

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