Synchronicity or what?

meandmona A few weeks ago while at the Grounds for Sculpture (GFS) with Storyteller’s Mosaic I told a story about Paris and seeing the Mona Lisa. It was a fun day for everyone.  The weather was wonderful and the Grounds were  a spectacular backdrop to the event.  Truly, the GFS is NJ’s best kept secret.

It’s fascinating to me what gets stirred up in the universe when we tell a story…..spiritually & energetically.  Storytelling, for me, has a magical component that I can’t really describe in words, but here’s more of what has happened regarding this story…..

Weeks earlier, while preparing my story someone had told me about an ‘interactive’  display somewhere at the GFS which included the Mona Lisa.  So, after we had checked in and found our ‘stage’ I went looking for her……again…..and the photo on the left delightfully displays my success in finding her……….again!

The telling of the story went well and I breathed a sigh of relief and ease when it was over.  I included a line about going” right over there to have your picture taken with Mona Lisa!”    After leaving the stage I was approached by another storyteller who had just returned from Paris and pulled out his iPhone to show me his picture of Mona, with him in it.  I showed him mine too!  A funny moment for sure!

The day after the event I was flipping channels on the tv.  I paused at one of those newsmagazine show’s because they were doing a segment on the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and the utter chaos & rudeness that occurs in the room where she is displayed…..which was my experience too, of course, but here ?   now?  on my tv………… a coincidence?   I’ve read about how ones computer and other digital devices can become highly personalized these days…without our conscious intent…but?

Yesterday, someone I know from another piece of my life approached me in the local arts and crafts store.   It was a surprise to see each other and we met in the middle of the aisle among the paints & paintbrushes to chat.  Then she mentioned that she was shopping for some ideas on how to create her Halloween costume…..she planned to be……….yup, you guessed it…..Mona Lisa.  …and did I have any ideas about how she could do that?   Really!?  She had no knowledge of me going to Paris, or telling stories, or anything that made sense.

Anyway, it all feels a little silly and not really worthy of a blog post……….but the Yogi’s have taught us that “energy follows attention” so by writing and talking about the Mona Lisa I have simply opened up the channels for more of the same.  Hmmm.   We’ll see what happens next.

Happy New Moon……


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