Statistics can be fun as long as………..

……you don’t get too “attached”.

I was perusing around wordpress today and decided to take a closer look at my stat’s.  Just for fun.

Since my posting is rather random & seemingly scattered, at best, it’s interesting to see just how people get here to this site and what they like to read.

Since beginning this online adventure in Feb07, I have created 157 posts in 29 different categories.

This post has received 3,060 views, way more than this post which comes in second with 990 views.

This post is next with 922 views.  #4 on the list is this one with 715, and #5 has had 687 views.

These numbers may not be enough to impress some of you, but I am blown away by the power & potential of this online medium.

Each of these 5 posts have hovered around the top-5 for a long time.  It certainly makes food for thought.

Have a nice day.

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