Year of the Tiger

Hi Everyone…. There is NO CLASS ON THURSDAY, JUNE 21.  If you attend this class regularly I will place a link here for a recording  you can do while I’m away.  It’s best to maintain your yoga routine regardless of circumstances. 

Now that it is warmer I’m looking forward to being with you for in-person classes/workshops. Weekly classes will continue on zoom. 

  Stay safe everyone.  Do more Yoga.    Om Shanti,  Ida


Dharma in the Park

Join us for this half-day workshop. Wednesday, June 29 8am - 11:30 am Weather Permitting. Picnic Lunch to follow. (optional) More details to follow. Are you on the mailing list?

Services Available for individuals, groups, and organizations both commercial & non-profit.  Detailed list here.

The SALON FOR ASTROLOGICAL DISCOURSE meets periodically thruout the year.  It is a study group of interested participants.  Each meeting is different and covers a variety of topics.  Go here to get on the mailing list.

Every Tuesday & Thursday    10am   Online only.  Contact Ida for Zoom link.  More info here.

Personal Yoga Therapy is available in a variety of ways.  Schedule a 30 minute free consult to see if it’s right for you.

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