SPRING SCHEDULE - 2022 April - June


Hi Everyone     As you can see this page is under construction…just like my life!  I’m looking forward to adding more in person events as the weather warms up.  Meanwhile, weekly classes continue and there’s a 1/2 day workshop coming up in May.  Are you on my mailing list? 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and do more yoga.

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Dharma & Dinosaurs

Join us this May for a half-day workshop in Allaire State Park. Details coming. Are you on the mailing list?

Every Tuesday & Thursday,   10 am,   Online Only  More info here

Contact Ida for Zoom link.  Not sure?  Contact Ida for guest pass. 

Payment for classes is on a sliding scale.  Average is $100 per month.  Go here for more.

Yoga Therapy can be offered in a variety of ways to those who do not wish to attend a class.   Sessions can be held in my private studio or in your location.  Go here for more info.


Professional Astrological Services have been available since 1989.  Go here for more on consultations and to see what else is available.

The Salon for Astrological Discourse meets every few months or so to discuss current topics from the astrological perspective.  All welcome.  Our last meeting was in February and that recording is still available if you’re interested. 

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Professional Services 1995-

More information here: Personal Feng Shui Consultations and here.