Sore Feet

SlowFeet I get a lot of students asking me for yoga techniques to help with sore feet. It seems to be quite a common complaint.

My first suggestion is to tell them to begin to pay more attention to the shoes that they wear and to try going without shoes for longer periods of time.  There’s really no reason to wear shoes at all when one is home, is there?

Then I show them various massage & acupressure points to help relieve some of their pain.  The fun really starts when we stand up and begin to really notice just how we stand.  Where (on our feet) do we carry our weight?  Are we balanced on our feet?  Do they turn in? or out?  Then, we walk around the room and pay even closer attention.  What part of our foot touches the ground first when we walk?  What part comes next?  And so goes the inquiry………

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article on the Internet and had a good giggle walking080428_1_560while reading it.  It seems I am not alone in my conclusions about shoes. Click on this picture to read more.

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