So Many Circles!

Geometric drawing has taken me on quite a cultural journey.  Today, I understand why geometry is sacred.

Initially I became interested in what is known as Islamic geometry.  Examples of it’s artistry are found around the world and on this website.   In holy and humble places, the patterns are everywhere once you *see* them.  Straight lines dominate but movement, fluidity, and spiraling is evident, especially with the addition of the biomorphs.

Ready to jump into a new genre, I found Lucie Rose, a teacher in Paris.  When I saw her course in May, 2023 on the South Rose Window of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris I signed up. Whereas Islamic geometry is mostly straight lines, gothic geometry requires a multitude of circles, hardly a square to be found.

I was there in July, 2015 with my grandkids and the pictures from that day are a treasure.  I watched with shock and gratitude that I had been there before the fire. Having an emotional connection to a project steps up the preparation.

Architectural achievements that display man’s faith, trust, and reliance on a higher power fuel my personal beliefs.

So, I cleaned up the entire art room and reorganized it to tackle this ONE project, rather than the many I usually have going at the same time.    It took nearly the entire summer to complete the drawing and transfer it to the Khadi watercolor paper, which was a very risky choice.  The first layer of color came from my coffee cup.

Built in 1260 to echo the North Rose 1250

Rose Windows  are saturated with symbolism, combining earthly and heavenly qualities,   the tracery and the glass.  Customarily they are placed opposite a cross at the altar.   The feminine stands in balance with the masculine.   

To complete my project I began to consider it a tool for meditation, like drawing a mandala. Fighting with the inner perfectionist became crystal clear!  Letting go, in every way, became a joy.

It’s still a work-in-progress. I’ve been adding some silvery shine which doesn’t really show well for a blog post. 

As Fall approached I got distracted and began a second Rose Window.  More circles.  Still on the risky paper.  But loving the new colors, and now I can use all the gold & copper colors I have!  We’ll see how it goes.

In December I’ll be re-directing my creative energy towards drawing the Tree-of-Life for the Winter Solstice.  Want to join me for our Solstice Sadhana?  LMK.