Remember Eris?

31 Oct 2008  21Ar04'13"
10 Nov 2008  20Ar58'40"
20 Nov 2008  20Ar53'38"
30 Nov 2008  20Ar49'17"
10 Dec 2008  20Ar45'44"
20 Dec 2008  20Ar43'10"
30 Dec 2008  20Ar41'38"
 9 Jan 2009  20Ar41'11"
19 Jan 2009  20Ar41'51"
29 Jan 2009  20Ar43'37"
 8 Feb 2009  20Ar46'26"
18 Feb 2009  20Ar50'12"
28 Feb 2009  20Ar54'49"
10 Mar 2009  21Ar00'10"

Let’s start with today.  Nov. 5, 2008 and check the ephemeris.  She’s moving back into the 21st degree-zone on Nov. 10.   Hmmm……and then in March, 09 she makes a quick little wiggle and returns to the 22nd degree-zone.   chiron2

Let’s check the Sabian Symbols again………………..


21deg. Aries – A Puglist Enters the Ring.

22 deg. Aries – The Gate to the Garden of All-Fulfilled Desires.


Once again astrology seems to describe current day events.  Looking at the track of Eris it’s easy to see that this dance of change will continue for  quite some years to come.

Eris moves very, very slow in a zodiac segment (aries)  that prefers to move things along  swiftly.  It’s quite the dilemma for this goddess of strife.  How does one allow conflicting tensions to co-exist with peace?  What happens when you synthesize the sensations of ‘slow’ with the sensations of ‘fast’ ?

Does time stop?

Chiron/Neptune 2010 – The Rescue?   Stay tuned.

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