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What do you need to say?  What do you want to say? 

What prevents you from expressing your self using words?  

Do you tell yourself the truth? How about with others? 

Do you have difficulty communicating? Verbal?  Written?  Non-Verbal? 

Are you heard, listened to, understood?


About 4 years into my real estate career (1988) I was given the opportunity to develop an in-house training program for new agents joining our highly successful, 4-office, high-end, woman-owned company.   Prior to that I had had no experience teaching or training anyone. Over the course of the next 10 years I trained 100’s of people some of whom continue to thank me for what they learned went beyond the scope of real estate sales.

I came to understand that good communications skills are #1 priority for everyone,  but it takes practice.  It’s hard to change unconscious patterns in how exchange information. There’s always more to learn.

I also learned that anything taught ‘experientially’ worked best with adult learners.  I found that to be quite true.

At the same time, I was  driving to Princeton to participate in a course of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).  Teaching and Learning at the same time was a priceless education in ‘communication’.

Later after I detoured  from the business world and followed my bliss  onto a yoga mat  ‘good communication’ & experiential learning was taught to me using the methodologies that were passed down within the yoga community I was training in. (Just want to give a tag/nod to my Scorpio Brother from Kripalu Ken Nelson here.)

Yoga education includes the guidelines set down in the Yama’s (Restraints) & Niyamas (Observances), common sense behaviors for peaceful living.  The first Yama that everyone learns is AHIMSA, loosely translated as non-violence.  Most understand this restraint as physical.  Thou shall not kill, etc.  Many point to it a the reason for their food choices.  However, another place to look for where we observe violence vs non-violence is in our communications.

Following Ahimsa, is Satya.  Truthfulness.

As you can surmise, there is much to explore with regards to our communications.

Also, the reason for why this program now lies in the movement of the planets.  I’ve begun to explain in this blog post.





We’re going to follow the moon even more closely over this weekend’s workshop.  For these few days we’re in close alignment with the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle ….a time for sabbath, rest, contemplation, restoration and revival.  If we use this time accordingly we’ll be ready to maximize the potential of the New Moon on April 11 10:31 pm  in the 22nd degree of Aries.  An auspicious time ………..

On Friday at 10am,  the moon conjuncts Neptune, the ruling planet for Pisces.  This is when we’ll meet for Part 1 of our weekend.  It’s a ripe time for yoga nidra, vision-questing, and healing what ails’s us.  Bliss, nirvana, samadhi are all possible.  The intuitive channels are wide open.  Be wary of past addictions, victimization’s, poisonings, or other out-of-body escapist tendencies for the next 17 hrs,

Then on Saturday the moon enters Aries around 2 am and begins it’s march (yes, that’s how Aries likes to move, running & jumping are ok too) connecting with the other 5 planets (Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Venus, & don’t forget Eris, because she holds a grudge) also moving thru  Aries.  We’ll look at this whole parade thru Aries in 2021 to remove any obstacles that prevent future progress along our road to greater self-awareness. 

Sunday morning we’ll meet again for a closing meditation and share our experiences. At 10:30 pm the New Moon will perfect and the next cycle begins…..

Our workshop time together is in the ‘in-between-time’ of the astrological aspects.   Here is where we can connect and rest in the company of  like-minded others, and continue on our path of self-study.  We’re never finished….   Check in for more information as get closer to April.  Click on the image for a complete description of INQUIRE WITHIN.



Friday, April 9   10 am am   Opening Session   Creating safe/sacred space.  Setting an intention.  Yoga Nidra will be our primary practice.

Saturday April 10    2-5pm   Clearing the Path….  Yoga Therapy practices will be mostly off the mat, but do be prepared for some stretching, movement, pranayama, mudra, toning, asana, etc. etc.

Sunday April 11  10 am  Letting Go  Meditation, Prayer, Sharing, Completion.


Registration includes 2 links for 3 live sessions (6 -hours total)    Fri am will be recorded and the link for the recording is included in the fee for those who register early.  The 2nd link (Saturday, 2-5 pm) will be sent to you early Saturday morning.

Early Registration – $75 minimum  Deadline April 3   ($100 after that)   Registration closes April 8 6pm.  No one will be admitted who hasn’t registered by then.

TO REGISTER on Zoom for April 9 & April 11 at 10am EDT  Click here      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Arrange for payment here.   Payment is expected before workshop begins.

And then, let me know you signed up!  Feel free to share this page and spread the word.



Remember Eris?  I like checking in on her periodically.  She’s still in Aries, and will remain there until 2044-ish. The transition from Aries to Taurus takes time to settle in, maybe like moving from one state-of-being to a different one.  She’s an irritant, and a trouble-maker. She likes to stir up rivalries, especially between siblings or cousins.  She sows misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. Her finger points at you.  And, she is dangerously seductive.  Drugs, alcohol and other mood-altering substances may tone her down, or up, but they’re not necessary for her to act-out or manipulate someone else.   She carries with her a daggar, a hissing snake, and/or a burning torch.  She’s responsible for starting the Trojan War.

Her zodiacal placements will show you where you need to build: strength, ferocity, and backbone.  Ugh.

I’ve been tracking her since 2006 and if you put in “Eris” on the search bar you can read all my posts.  This  particular post in 2012 helps to put today in perspective.

Mars, ruler of Aries, represents the God of War, masculine style.  Eris, in mythology, is his counterpart, feminine version, a Goddess of War.    Mars demands. Acts assertively, and sometimes aggressively in pursuit of his desires, wants, and entitlements.  As I write this, Mars is in Sagittarious heating up media stuff.  Watch what happens in about 5-6 weeks when Mars joins Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter/Lunar Nodes in Capricorn.



Meanwhile, Eris has reached the 24th degree. This adds a new spin on our interpretations for Eris.  The astrological mandala known as the Sabian Symbols as interpreted by Dane Rudhyar says,

“Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.”

This suggests an ‘openness to the influx of spiritual energies’.   ..the individual consciousness represented by (wherever you have Aries in your chart), is receiving a more concentrated influx of spiritual energy.

And, there are influences.  Until recently, Uranus was in Aries too, 2011-2019, and since his cycle is 84 years chances are you will not have to live thru *that* kind of extreme turbulence again.  Interestingly, Chiron, our Wounded Healer, also entered Aries in March of 2019.  This might indeed add to your pain threshold and open some old wounds,  the significence of Chiron here is on healing as opposed to curing.   Chiron’s cycle is ~50 years so if you are near to that age Chiron becomes the something you need to look at.  Consult your astrologer.

It’s a complicated time and there are blessings in the sky as well.   Neptune in Pisces will indeed enter in thru open windows.  Spiritual healing is available to the masses as well as individuals. What we can do is create the willingness to connect to spiritual energy and let go of the outcome.





Astrology Eris

Most astrologers focus on time.  The questions that begin with ‘when’ are innumerable.  The ability to analyze the present moment, the past and the future using a natal horoscope  reveals larger patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In 1986 -ish I attended a weekend workshop in CT taught by Jim Lewis, the pioneer of what is today called Astro*Carto*Graphy. (Where you were born holds equal weight with when you were born You are the intersection of time, place, and DNA)  This 3 day course was an amazing intellectual exercise with stimulating and provocative material.  I soaked it up.  But, unlike a natal (time) chart, the calculations necessary for a ACG map were impossible.  I would have to be satisfied with theory.  In 1989 astrological software became available. I immediately purchased a computer and the proprietary software that had just been released.

Theory could be tested now, first hand.  I calculated hundreds of maps & charts for myself, family, friends looking for the places on the planet that showed up in significant ways.  All  personal traveling became infused with curiosity. How would the planetary energies  manifest in different locations.    I’ve gathered up a few amazing stories over the years to illustrate my research.  On April 9, the Astrological Society of Princeton will host a lecture on Sunday and I look forward to sharing my research there.



This May I will bFloridaastromape spending 3 weeks, nearly a lunar cycle, on a ‘new’ line of my personal astromap,  the paran of Saturn and Chiron .  Looking around the globe I see that although I may have crossed this line a few times I ‘ve only crossed it and never spent much time there, not nearly enough to absorb/recognize the ‘energy/vibration/prana/chi’.   Obviously I am in for a new experience.

Saturn lines aren’t necessarily fun places to spend time.  Saturn’s influence is always serious, studious, and disciplined.  Saturn doesn’t do anything easy.  And, Saturn is slow.  If Saturn stood alone at this Florida location I may not have chosen to visit there.  But paran lines reflect a relationship between 2 planets, and in Salt Springs, FL and locales nearby, Saturn intersects with Chiron, and that combination is one I am cautiously curious to experience.

The nature of my visit there is Saturnian which bodes well for my stay at this newly established ashram with a world recognized Guru. I have volunteered for Seva there.  It’s location on this particular line seems quite fortuitous and prescient.  I’ll let you know more when I come back.


more to come


















AstroCartography Karma Saturn

Click on pic for Chiron article

The Salon for Astrological Discourse  will meet again this month.  Here’s the chart.…   You don’t have to be an accomplished astrologer to see the stellium in Pisces.  Soon, Mars and Venus will move into Aries and the energy will change, again, dramatically. But for now, Chiron sits between them, and I see an opportunity here.

Regardless of what side of the political, social, economic, educational, or religious fence you’re on, our differences continue to devolve down to the lowest common denominator which is our gender differences, and our differing definitions of what that means.   Are there still just 2 kinds of people in the world, as Barbra sang so many years ago in the song People?   Male?  Female?    In a book by Leonard Schlain he wrote about how our language and our social systems have all evolved around the basic theme of man vs woman, and we know that we are now witnessing the death throes of the Patriarchy…..  Anyway, Chiron between Mars/Venus reminds me of this ‘wound’ and depending on your particular state of consciousness, belief system, or recovery from damaging relationbships, one could actually use this time towards mending fences in whatever Piscean way suits you.

In the years running up to 2012, I was reading a lot regarding ancient calendars particularly the Mayan one.  It took some study and discussion with teachers before I felt I understood the metaphysics and astrological patterns that were driving this significant shift in our energy field and what all that meant.   I closely followed the transits of Chiron during that time and you can read some of those posts here, in reverse chronological order.  Today, in 2017, in hindsight, it’s easy to see how the symbolism has manifested in this new reality we all find ourselves living in.

Neptune  will remain in Pisces long after the others have moved on.  It’s way out there so each degree it moves into opens up new pathways, so to speak.  Today as I write this Neptune is nearly complete with the 11th degree, and according to the Sabian Symbols this degree represents:

MEN TRAVELING A NARROW PATH, SEEKING ILLUMINATION.  The keynote reads:  The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to to a transcendent realm of reality.  It refers to the eternal symbol of the Path of Discipleship.   the Path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conpueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized.

Marc Edmund Jones, 10/1/1888 – 3/8/1980,  was the astrologer who ‘created’ the Sabian Symbols, and he taught that astrology “properly used” can help people see more clearly their own tendencies. Once seen, we can then apply our free will to adjust, modify, change, or ignore what has been seen. Our evolutionary engine depends on our ability to learn & grow in this fashion.

Anyway, it’s easy to see how our Salon can dig into some of this material and I look forward to hearing many voices.

…..more later.   Check out this winter’s  Inquire Within© intensive.  We’ll be delving into all this experientially, and more.


Astrology Planets and their Cycles


Tugging_at_your_harp_stringsWow!  Sunday was my first-ever storytelling performance with a harp, and the audience was delighted.  I recognized some serious applause and I was told later that everyone was talking about me, although, I don’t think it was really me they were talking about….it was really about the harp.  Once again  I forgot how utterly mesmerizing this instrument is to most people….and me too, of course.  For all the worry, anxiety, and practice….the music just flowed exactly the way it was supposed to.

Chiron teaching harp to Achilles

In the first person, I told the story of Chiron’s Birth and why he came to be living in a cave with his harp.

This centaur, known as The Wounded Healer, is a mythological story that has captured my attention for the past 20 years or so and I’m frequently referring to his symbolism in my lectures/workshops and yoga therapy classes.  He’s got a powerful story for our times, for sure.  So many of us  feel wounded, shamed, abandoned and just plain old sad.    I’ve blogged a bit about Chiron, the asteroid, and this post gives a pretty good overview of the astrological Chiron.   Today Chiron is traveling thru Pisces which supports healing thru music.

 This was the first time, in a long time, that rather than teach or facilitate,  I practiced Performance & (intentional) Drama.    I was totally unprepared for the sheer joy that I experienced after it was over and thruout the following day.  It was wonderful to find a new, creative outlet that brings together so much of what I love to do, and still challenges me in new ways.  But four minutes is nothing when your hands are on the strings, you know?

Already, I am planning Chapter 2, and expanding my story to maybe 10-15 minutes?  Who knows?  For now, Storytelling is a new hobby/activity for me and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

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mask_ii.jpgNamaste, Everyone.

I’m facilitating another Yoga Nidra tomorrow morning.  First one of the year.  Can’t believe it’s 2013 and we’re all still here!!  Just kidding.

The astrological aspects are so supporting for this kind of yoga practice right now.  The possibilities are limitless.  The little stellium of Sun Neptune, Chiron and Venus re-affirms a drive towards spiritual healing.

Asbury Park Astrology consciousness The Jersey Shore Yoga yoga nidra

Can you feel it? It being the on going conjunction of Chiron & Neptune & Jupiter’s visit this last year.

I’ve been watching the unfolding of this new paradigm for many years.  We are in the cycle of eclipses today… a time of ‘transition’ where all things become possible.  Watch your thoughts, emotions, actions, and beliefs.  Nourish yourself & others. Practice ahimsa, often by paying it forward, or receiving with grace. Love everyone.

And, I love this website, and this particular post reminded me something deep and profound.  Check it  out…..http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm It’s important for those of you who are learning feng shui to become aware of the difference (in your own body) of negative ions & postive ions in a space.

Astrology Blogging electro-magnetic energy Holistic Health Planets and their Cycles

the t-shirt was black this year I  returned home from the 2009 Harper’s Escape on Sunday.  The tunes are still running thru my head, awake and asleep.  I am filled with joy and gladness that so much joy and gladness can be shared with harps.  Yes?

40 of us gathered strong under  gloomy, doomy October skies to learn a few tunes, in community with each other.  Angels as well as devils showed up. Spiritual energy/vibration allowed it to be all okay, just as it is.

Om shanti. Peace to all.

On Sunday, we performed as a sort of harp orchestra at the local public library.  We were quite the hit; a waiting line stood patiently outside the room for the entire performance hoping for a seat to open up.

I was relatively pleased and content with my own ‘performance’, noticing with every breath how the inner critic is still alive and well!

But, once again I was amazed and awed by the sheer diversity of our group.  The harp is what brought us together and held us in-common.  Regardless of color, creed, culture, or zodiac sign, we worked together for an entire weekend to create a concert for the public.  Peace is always possible.

Astrologically speaking it was a weekend of Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter & Moon energies.  Sweet, serious, and silly all together with lots of food, drink, and water…….it rained a lot.  The balsamic phase of the moon was occuring in Late degrees of Libra.  Read more about balsamic, it’s very important to understand our human need for deep rest.


Gotta go practice……I’m haunted by the Harris Dance.

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chakraman2CASE STUDY

A typical yoga therapy session:

Female, 49 yrs. 5’5″, 180, thining dyed hair, round.  Although I do not have a birth-chart  to refer to, the fact that she is 49  is enough to remind me  which cycles usually dominate our life experiences during the years around 50.

Chiron’s cycle is approximately 50 years.  The wounded healer,  heals.

(Do a search for Chiron over there on the right side of this blog for more posts on Chiron.)

She arrived before me for our session and was eager and willing to fill out intake forms.

We spoke about the program and this session in particular. We agreed to follow the yamas & niyamas for our work together.

She describes herself as exhausted, and can feel some obstruction in the heart & throat area. She recently suffered from pneumonia and continues to be concerned about her health. She felt it was a wake-up call of some sort and wanted to pay closer attention.

She is frustrated with her current career. Although she loves being a teacher, she feels stuck in her current position. It feels like a long, hard struggle and she’s out of energy.

We discussed different yoga practices that can be of benefit to her if she chooses to commit to a ‘practice’ at all.

For the experiential part of our 1st session we spent time doing a seated body scan thru the kosha’s. Periodically, I would ask her to write/draw/record her awarenesses on some paper.

By the time we finished with the kosha’s she had experienced quite an ‘energetic’ shift inside and was quite amazed at what she had discovered. Most notable was that the entire left side of her body was numb when compared to the right. The imbalance was enlightening in and of itself to her in that moment.

We completed our session with savasana, pranayama and meditation.

During meditation, we explored Anjali Mudra in some detail paying attention to the sensations in each fingertip, it’s proximity to the heart chakra, its guiding the energy upward, etc.

I guided her back to the previously blocked throat area and encouraged her to chant om for a short while, and I noticed that each om sounded stronger than the one before it.

She felt like there was more work to be done, and seemed quite at peace and possibly enthusiastic about what might come next.

She left feeling well-balanced, energetic, and relaxed.

I could have taken an entirely different tactic with this women, and spent our time together working more on asana’s and that would have been okay, too. However, in my mind, asana’s and Chiron just don’t go together very well unless you have a committed client who will be returning often. At this point in time she was unable to commit to more than one session at a time. (I usually encourage everyone to commit to 6 sessions, however that can be a financial/economic burden in 2009.)

Chiron and Neptune are closely aligned these days (2009- 2011), so for those clients around 49 yrs of age, their particular crisis in this moment requires spiritual (neptune), healing (chiron).  As yoga therapists we must utilize our skills to activate and integrate the vijnanamayakosha & anandamayakoshas, as well as practices for the physical body.  We can only teach/share what we have learned for ourselves so please do not neglect these more subtle areas in your own training.  Learning a symbolic language such as astrology can help you develop buddhi, and increase your ability to trust the intuitive mind as much as the logical mind.  Yes?   Understanding health is only as good as  your understanding of how ‘all is one’.   Chiron and Neptune traveling together will bring up various types of health crisis for everyone until we get it, that our belief system is as important as vitamins, exercise, or anything else we do for health purposes.

Much of what happens during yoga therapy sessions happens on the subtle & causal layers of the body.  For many, yoga therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and gentle way to address deep-seated obstacles that prevent us from being fully human.

Om shanti.

Astrology Yoga Therapy

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