Retreat Rescheduled!


What is a "Retreat"?

To me a retreat is any experience that intentionally takes us away from the here and now.  Retreats can be any length of time and take on many different forms.

The retreats that I have led and participated in have mostly been yoga & meditation retreats of various lineages. The vault of vedic knowledge is vast and includes:

  • ancient scriptures/stories,
  • a philosophy for living, 
  • basic hatha yoga  & ayurveda for good physical health,
  • meditation & breathing practices for mental/emotional health,
  • visionary practices like yoga nidra to open to the subtle body where creativity and healing can be stimulated
  • and Jyotish/Astrology to know and understand your self.  Addressing one’s karma is the purpose of reincarnation.

Each retreat has it’s own topic which is chosen based on the astrological chart for the day of the retreat. 

Monday, June 26 is a ONE-DAY RETREAT.


Yoga? What do I need to know?

All welcome. If this is your first experience with anything to do with yoga please let me know so I can keep you safe. That said, all yoga is cumulative, so even if your last class was years ago, you’ll be fine.  Fear not, we are not here to exercise our bodies. However, we will be using our bodies to practice self-awareness.  Skill levels are relative. 

Here are some of the yoga practices that we do.

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) to increase relaxation, decrease stress response and release fear of the unknown.
  • Meditation techniques to calm & quiet the mind promoting clear & focused thinking.
  • Gentle hatha yoga postures (Asana) to strengthen, create more flexibility, and increase vitality.
  • Guided Yoga Nidra to release long held tensions in the body and create space for new attitudes.
  • Expressive movement for integration and to expand creativity.
  • Deep Listening to support emotional processes and improve relationships with others.
  • Toning (Nada Yoga) techniques for overall well-being and to reduce snoring.
  • Mudras for accessing the subtle/causal body.

As a Certified Yoga Therapist with 20+ years full time experience I’ve learned how to use Yoga to help with just about anything life can throw at you.  On my Patreon page you can get some personal attention by joining.  Check it out.


Practice implies not knowing, not finished, not ready. We are in learning mode. We are teachable. There are many ways to practice Yoga, the tree is wide and deeply rooted. Without practice, information stays in the mental field. It never gets to the body. The practices  help us integrate because we need to experience yoga not just understand it intellectually. 

The primary practice for all of my offerings is Svadaya.  Read about it here.

Talking & Listening

Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. To speak our truth is a sacred right and a vital part of our healing. To listen to another speak her truth is equally sacred. Speaking and Listening without feedback, allows us to practice speaking our truth, however pleasant or unpleasant it is.

We practice Satya during our discussion periods.  Deep listening is a non-violent communication technique that allows the speaker to heard and the listener to moniter their (internal/external) responses.  It is quite effective with those who have experienced: trauma, abuse, addiction, loss, illness, unexpected change, and more.

Communications have undergone radical change in recent times. This adds to the challenge of speaking one’s truth.

More on this later.


ONE-DAY  RETREAT!   7/10  9am – 5pm 

The Yoga & Creativity will be our theme for the day.  We’ll engage in various ‘projects’  that will help you explore your own creative impulses.  There will be silence and interaction, movement and stillness, together and alone. 

There’s a lake and a beach nearby as well as a train station within walking distance.  The Jersey Shore has it all. 

Once registration is complete  and payment is made you’ll be on the list for specifics such as what to bring, meals, directions, etc. 

$75 until July 4, then $125. 
     PayPal is here    Other Payment options here.



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