To me, feng shui is a perspective that we cultivate.  It’s a way to see life that is impersonal, intuitive, and timely.  For instance, My attention was just captured by a young man cleaning up his dog’s solid waste deposited on the concrete alley behind my apartment’s garage.  That would be the “root’s” area of the bagua.

It’s an interesting mental exercise to see these seemingly random changes to our environment as symbolic of laotzu3something larger.  It’s easy to go into la la land too.  But by following the ancient rules and laws of metaphysics, there is a certain truth that becomes revealed from this line of inquiry.

We look outside of ourselves for validation, for information, for pure entertainment. Feng Shui challenges us to look at these same externals and at the same time reference something inside and personal.  As they say, outside noisy, inside empty.

Feng Shui, to me, is environmental yoga, a way to bring ourselves into greater harmony and balance with what is.

Notice, today, what changes occur in your yard and home.

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