NJ Storytelling Festival!

Saturday, SEPT. 30, 2023

Home-Grown Yogini

Wow! I am honored that my application at this statewide event was accepted!  I’ve been allotted 12 minutes to tell a story. I hope if you’re nearby you’ll come and say hi!

The process to develop, craft and deliver a story to an audience can be daunting if one attaches to the outcome. I’m come far enough along in yoga that outcomes are increasingly irrelevant especially when one prioritizes the spiritual over the material. I don’t know if that’s me entirely, but the stars are telling me to get out there and tell another story.

I have told the story of the Goddess Never-Not-Broken many times on Zoom but not in-person. This will be a first and that suits me well. I continue to believe that her story is relevant today and I’m excited for this opportunity to bring her to life. She is a powerful, beacon of light in a dark, dark, sky.  I’ve uploaded a recording of her on Patreon

Storytelling for me is creative, therapeutic, and healing at the very least.  The energetic exchange that comes from entertaining and connecting to an
audience brings many unexpected benefits to both.  If you’re interested in telling stories as a yoga practice let me know. 

Namaste,  Ida