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In western astrology the Sun represents the sum total of who and what we are. It’s our drive, our ambition, and most obviously our ego. We’re taught from a very early age to develop our external self and ‘be all we can be’. The Freudian psychologists emphasize good ego development if we are to be psychologically healthy. Ram Dass even teaches us that you need “to have one (ego), before you can get rid of it”.

In eastern astrology the Sun is considered somewhat of a malefic. Not so good. It could be because in India where this system originated the Sun was a killer due to the extreme heat it produced in that geographical area. However, I think that it also had to do with the fact that India’s culture emphasizes spiritual gain over material gain. Therefore, the sun would lead one down a path of ego rather than a path of humility.

Which is right?

Well, I think they are both right. No doubt here in the west ego’s get out of hand. Turn on the television! And, no doubt in the east, spirituality without material resource can produce starvation….even with a million cows chomping nearby.

As usual, according to my viewpoint, it’s a question of balance.

Om Shanti. Peace on the planet.

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