more on astrology & yoga therapy


Today, yoga is mostly seen as a way to exercise one’s body.  This western version of yoga  leaves out some very important parts.  More specifically, yoga is a set of practices that raises one’s awareness.   Once awareness is heightened, then we are on a path of becoming more fully alive. 

Just like in the case of yoga,  Astrology, the grandmother of all  the sciences, is also much more than what most people understand.  Ancients from everywhere on the planet looked up and gave these orbiting bodies the names of their gods.  Such was their reverence for that which is greater than ourselves. The night sky is a  cosmic code . 

Yoga Therapy re-organizes the individual’s perspective to bring balance and healing to the whole, which continues to be greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Once,  on the outskirts of Alexandria  lived an ancient community called Therapeut,.   Although the community was in ancient Greece, the population consisted mostly of Buddhist monks who were looked upon as physicians or healers.The ancient meaning for the word therapy was “one who ministers’ or heals.

Today, some therapies (and some therapists) seem to have lost or forgotten their connection to the divine energy that once was the source of their abilities. They’ve turned in their instincts & spiritual insight for the big book of diagnostic labels.   

Astrology can be used therapeutically as well.  It excels as a diagnostic tool and a timing device.    The natal birthmap is like an owner’s manual complete with a maintenance schedule for tune-up’s. Using our ability of objective thinking & discrimination  all becomes clear as to how, why, when, and where an  individual gets out of balance.   Personality, life challenges, relationship difficulties, health & money issues, internal conflicts, spiritual inclinations, emotional responses,  unconscious behavior,…..this all becomes clear and relevant to the healing of the whole person and astrology can provide the information to help one focus on what’s important Right Now.  

Astrology predates  psychology as a system for looking at  behavior, emotions, & mental disturbances. Unfortunately, most psychologists ( and related professions) have separated themselves from the ancient roots that sourced their knowledge.  However, there are some who have continued to acknowledge and advance the connection.  Carl G. Jung, one of Freud’s students, has spoken & written of astrology many, many times.  To him, the astrological symbolism is an inherent mark of an individual’s make-up, acknowledged or not.

When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ” ~Dane Rudyhar