Living on a Fault-Line– Part 2

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As I wrote, I’ve lived on the Jupiter line nearly all of my six-plus decades.  Abundance, knowledge, wisdom and grace… are a few of Jupiter’s gifts.  I was lucky in many ways.  I found a ‘lesson to learn’ in all of my affairs.  But, Jupiter is in it’s detriment in my natal chart….good things are only just so good, and no more.

I’ve been living on Pluto’s line now for 9 months, and something has certainly birthed itself in my soul during this time.  Pluto/Scorpio is comfortable around issues concerning birth and death.  Intensity equals life.  Feeling nothing is death…to a plutonic person.   Pluto always has her way with us until we learn  surrender. She renders us power-less in the beginning and then she empowers us with a smile or a kick. One doesn’t just move through Pluto transits,  you survive them, and then rise above like the Phoenix………………………..and so it goes.

The approach of Pluto usually feels more difficult then her separation,  and usually is a difficult of times time to live through.  Pain and suffering becomes more and more unbearable and unmanageable.   Although Pluto does rule death, few actually die during this time, although you may indeed want to!   I suggest you find help early.

The Pluto transit to my Moon/Venus/Uranus stellium is now one degree of separation from the conjunction to Venus and already I  do feel some relief.

Anyway, it’s hard to live here in CA and not become aware of the earth moving, and I’m too old to mean that in any way but literally!  I always thought of earthquakes as an ‘uranian’ type of event.  However, it’s easy to see earthquakes as plutonian as well, especially if volcano’s are around.

I’ll be back on the East Coast this spring.

Om shanti.

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