Living on a Fault-Line

Last updated on May 27, 2014

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I  recently re-located myself to Long Beach, CA.  I have a brand-new grandchild to welcome into my heart and the time is now for me to leave home, just for a while,  and experience life differently.

I’ve lived on my Jupiter line nearly all of my life and what a gift that has been for  six decades.  Abundance, knowledge, wisdom and grace… are a few of Jupiter’s gifts.  I was lucky in some ways.  Jupiter is in it’s detriment in my natal chart….good things are only just so good, and no more.

My Pluto line (on my astro-cartography map)  runs through Long Beach, CA.  (You might want to read this post if you need help  to understand the terminology)

No doubt my adventure here will be an interesting experience.


33n46 118w11
Astro-cartography-map with local space lines shown.


This is not a location I would  choose for this stage of my life.  Pluto renders us power-less a lot of the time.  The fact that I am having a major Pluto transit to my Moon/Venus/Uranus stellium is both comforting and terrifying.  But, the pull of grandchildren is strong.  You get to see how generations are different and similar.  That’s a function of Pluto as well…taking a longer, larger view of things so that evolution and transformation have time to happen.

Anyway, Pluto is showing up all over the place most recently with the toxic, exhaust fumes that flow through my apartment on a daily basis.  It might be the exhaust from the car parked underneath me (I’m in a garage apt) or it might be from the cars that are parked nearby in the alley behind my bedroom.  This morning it got so bad I immediately put on my sneakers to go for a walk to the beach which is right at the end of my street.

to be continued.

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