Last Days: Pluto in Sagittarius

This morning I turned on CNN to see what ‘news’ was being reported thru this media/channel and I was immediately dis-appointed again to discover that the bloggers and the internet had these headlines day’s ago.  The ‘story’ they are telling was seeded long ago and today’s headlines are no surprise.  Nor should they be!  (Uh, oh…..there’s one of Those Words…..”should”.)

Sagittarius rules publishing/media/journalism as well as all the other ways & means that information reaches The Public.  Ethics, morality, judicial conduct, lawsuits, our relationship with ‘aliens’ (foreign/legal/illegal/et’s/etc., etc.), how we understand foreign languages and our ability (or inability) to understand the ‘truth’ of what is spoken/written etc………………..these are all other topics that are assigned to the Sag agenda.

When Pluto was making it’s first entrance into this sign (1995ish), after many tumultuous years in Scorpio, the headlines of the day were all about OJ Simpson.  This celebrity event brought together all the issues of both Scorpio & Sag and gave us a preview of what was in store for the Pluto in Sag years to come.  (Oh!  Did I mention scandals around athletes up above?  Sag also rules those who compete in sport…………..  This year’s Olympics will be held during the death throes of Pluto in Sag……pun intended.)

The headlines of today are showing us what we have learned (or not-learned) regarding all of the Sagittarian themes.  We’ve only got a few more months to get it right.  Otherwise we’ll have to get our selves reborn into the next cycle of Pluto in Sagittarius which will occur………….when, it’s gotta be at least 240+ years from now.  Quick, anyone got an ephemeris?

Pluto stuck a toe into Capricorn earlier this year, and by October,2009 it’s manifestations will become visible to the masses.   Immediately we began to see the ‘foundations’ of our society show signs of crumbling. Bridges came down.  Foundations are a Capricornian word.  Foundations are very important for stability & structure…….think big here, for now.  (Pluto in Sag taught us how to ‘think big’, too.)

Pluto will re-enter Capricorn around the end of November, 08  and stay there until 2024. (Time for a long, deep breath.) Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn so you might want to check this site and others to learn better how to navigate (a sag word) these changing times to come. (Capricorn is a ‘cardinal’ sign.  All cardinal signs bring Change.)

Capricorn is the leader, of the family, of the town, of the country.  Whomever holds  authority over others is the human representative of capricorn energy.  For the past 2000 years or so, this person has frequently been of the male gender, with some notable exceptions.  Capricorn is the ‘father’ role, and these days we see people of both genders assume that role.   There is much to come with Pluto in Capricorn!

I’ve been around for nearly six decades and I’ve experienced Pluto changing signs 4 times. This will be my 5th (the number of transitions) time.   Her orbit is widely elliptical and therefore each passing thru a sign covers a different length of time.  (Check with your favorite astrologer for more).  In my experience I have noticed that the time’s during the Entering and Leaving of Pluto are the most difficult.  During the twenty degrees or more of substantive time within the sign, life may be intense however most of us can hold on and maintain our daily life.  However, these enterings and leavings can be hard, just like beginnings and endings.  (Go here)

So, during these days of tumult, uncertainty, and yes, let’s call it Fear………..remember to make your yoga practice a priority.  Use this time everyday to learn how to move strong sensations & feelings through your body.  Use the breath to help you.  It will.  Take time to calm your mind thru meditation, prayer, art, music, or other solitary pursuits.  Find a class or a teacher to support you when your private practice falters.   The ancient masters lived thru much of the same tumult as we did and were able to survive and thrive despite the challenges.  Evidence is everywhere.

Be still, now.


Take a breath.

Notice what’s :  in your body.     mind.       emotions.

Take another breath.

Let it be.

Om shanti.

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