We’re going to follow the moon even more closely over this weekend’s workshop.  For these few days we’re in close alignment with the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle ….a time for sabbath, rest, contemplation, restoration and revival.  If we use this time accordingly we’ll be ready to maximize the potential of the New Moon on April 11 10:31 pm  in the 22nd degree of Aries.  An auspicious time ………..

On Friday at 10am,  the moon conjuncts Neptune, the ruling planet for Pisces.  This is when we’ll meet for Part 1 of our weekend.  It’s a ripe time for yoga nidra, vision-questing, and healing what ails’s us.  Bliss, nirvana, samadhi are all possible.  The intuitive channels are wide open.  Be wary of past addictions, victimization’s, poisonings, or other out-of-body escapist tendencies for the next 17 hrs,

Then on Saturday the moon enters Aries around 2 am and begins it’s march (yes, that’s how Aries likes to move, running & jumping are ok too) connecting with the other 5 planets (Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Venus, & don’t forget Eris, because she holds a grudge) also moving thru  Aries.  We’ll look at this whole parade thru Aries in 2021 to remove any obstacles that prevent future progress along our road to greater self-awareness. 

Sunday morning we’ll meet again for a closing meditation and share our experiences. At 10:30 pm the New Moon will perfect and the next cycle begins…..

Our workshop time together is in the ‘in-between-time’ of the astrological aspects.   Here is where we can connect and rest in the company of  like-minded others, and continue on our path of self-study.  We’re never finished….   Check in for more information as get closer to April.  Click on the image for a complete description of INQUIRE WITHIN.



Friday, April 9   10 am am   Opening Session   Creating safe/sacred space.  Setting an intention.  Yoga Nidra will be our primary practice.

Saturday April 10    2-5pm   Clearing the Path….  Yoga Therapy practices will be mostly off the mat, but do be prepared for some stretching, movement, pranayama, mudra, toning, asana, etc. etc.

Sunday April 11  10 am  Letting Go  Meditation, Prayer, Sharing, Completion.


Registration includes 2 links for 3 live sessions (6 -hours total)    Fri am will be recorded and the link for the recording is included in the fee for those who register early.  The 2nd link (Saturday, 2-5 pm) will be sent to you early Saturday morning.

Early Registration – $75 minimum  Deadline April 3   ($100 after that)   Registration closes April 8 6pm.  No one will be admitted who hasn’t registered by then.

TO REGISTER on Zoom for April 9 & April 11 at 10am EDT  Click here      After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Arrange for payment here.   Payment is expected before workshop begins.

And then, let me know you signed up!  Feel free to share this page and spread the word.