ichingbagua We all need a little guidance from time to time.

Oftentimes I will consult the I Ching when I am looking for a little other-worldly guidance.

Thru the decades I have used various different resources to interpret the hexagrams, however I continue to rely most on Carol Anthony’s, “A Guide to the I Ching”.

Today, the coins produced Hexagram #8 or Pi. 08

According to Carol Anthony this means “Holding Together”. Water is over Earth and they hold together because of their ‘natural affinity’. Even though 5 of the 6 lines are yin, the strong yang line in the fifth place represents inner independence. “The path ahead lies in proceeding straight ahead innocently, holding to our inner independence in the face of all challenges, keeping ourselves alert, steady and serene as a shining lake”


The weather today is a high-alert, high-warning, high-risk day for those who are vulnerable to heat. We did a lot of cooling, soothing, practices in yoga class this morning and I have to say that ‘holding together’ in the midst of changing world & personal conditions can be challenging at best. Yoga helps.

A lot.

Get off the computer and go practice breathing. Lengthen out the exhale so that it’s twice as long as the inhale. Feel what happens. Relax. Stay serene.

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi. image

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