Giving Gifts…

Guidelines for Gifts
Insight is priceless.  And when we have a powerful experience  our first instinct is to share it.  The entire social media platform is based on this simple, human quality.

But, everyone also knows how it feels to receive a gift you did not want, expect, or will ever enjoy the way gifts are “supposed to” make you feel.

That said, I do offer gift certificates and for the most part they are, indeed, well received. I do insist that the recipient contact me to set the appointment.  It’s an important part of the relationship between astrologer-to-seeker.  Know that, your recipient may never call me, it does happen, and that is their choice. I do not offer refunds and the certificate is not transferable unless we’ve had some conversation around that before the purchase.

There is a one-year (1) expiration from date of purchase for gift certificate to be claimed.

Gift Certificates are prepared on an individual basis.  Contact Ida by email/call.