ERIS! The New Kid on the Block

Last updated on June 19, 2015

Re-ordering the Solar System

Astronomers often disagree over what it is exactly that they’re seeing. Recently, we’ve watched them downgrade planets to dwarf planets, and discover new dwarf planets that share our Sun. It takes a long time for science to prove something. Astrologers are also cautious when faced with the task of interpreting the symbolism and metaphysical energy of a new orbiting body. What the astrologers do is to look closely at the current conditions on earth and begin to weave those details into the mythology of the named planet. What’s so amazing is that when one looks backward to the history, it is so clear how each planet and it’s astrological interpretations are ideally reflective of the conditions on earth.

Eris was officially announced to the world in July of 2005. In mythology she was the goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Hmmm, look around. See anything? The State of The Planet, perhaps? This is how it works when a new energy enters into our consciousness. Because Eris is so very far away she tends to remain in a zodiac sign for a very, very, very long time. She’s been traveling thru Aries now since April 1924 and she’ll be in that sign until 2045. Where is Aries in your natal chart?

Eris, The Goddess of Discord

One way to think about this would be to draw an analogy to the place where you live. Imagine for a moment that tomorrow when you wake up your home has suddently doubled in size with brand new rooms you’ve never seen or entered into before. It might take some time to ‘process’ that new information!

For now there’s nothing more to think about other than to figure out where in your life are you experiencing strife, discord & rivalry and how to deal with it. I suggest attending a yoga class.


  1. Linda said:

    I just had to comment on your blog and your newsletter from The Sancturary: absolutely wonderful!
    So filled with interesting information and well presented.
    This is definitely a year of growth and change for you…congrats!
    If you have room in the Yoga Nidra for me …I would like to come.
    You have come a long way baby:-)

    March 4, 2007
  2. ginny stern said:

    I finally got onto your blog again and it is simply wonderful!!!I love how you write and I love what you write. What degree is Eris now?

    March 10, 2007

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