Embodied Astrology -Yoga & The Cosmos

I am so glad you are here. It helps me realize how beautiful my world is ~ Rilke

Embodied Astrology - Yoga & The Cosmos

 1967 was my first experience heading out on my Sun & Mercury lines..  For years it seemed to be coincidence that so many parts of me fell along this direction.   Then, ~1990 Astro-Cartography was introduced to western astrologers by Jim Lewis and I attended his first presentation on ‘how-to’.   I  was inspired to research/learn and explore that in my everyday travels.  I’ve gone to college along this path, studied harp therapy nearby, and discovered this ashram around 2001.  I’ll publish that story soon!

Today,  I am honored and excited to announce that I will be one of the presenters at this years Jyotish Kumbh!    My topic is, Embodied Astrology and I’m not sure how it’ll go?  Most attendees prefer discussion over experiential.

Regardless,  I am so comfortable with this wonderful community of astrologers from around the world.  I am hopeful and grateful for the opportunity.

The conference is open to anyone regardless of your level of knowledge/experience with astrology.   It’s wonderful immersion experience into another culture that will leave you inspired & enlightened. 

I don’t know what the schedule will be yet, but you can find me and all the other amazing speakers at the links below. 

30th Annual Jyotish Kumbh

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam

Saylorsburg, PA

Scheduled from June 6th to June 16th, this conference continues to honor Pujya Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s mission to share the profound wisdom of astrology with those who seek it.  This milestone year is further celebrated by honoring esteemed Jyotish Gurus with Lifetime Achievement Awards for their significant contributions to the field. 

You’re warmly invited to join us, either in person or online. To register, please follow this link. Also, use this code while registering to receive an additional $100 discount on top of the early bird offer.           ID12C32100

The early bird discount is available until May 15, 2024. Seize this opportunity to enrich your understanding at a reduced cost.

People across the country are flooding into yoga classes for all sorts of reasons.  Mostly they are practicing asana’s as an alternative form of exercise and hoping for stress reduction as a by-product of their practice. They’re not wrong.


Yoga is also a tool for transformation and healing.  In ancient times, those  suffering from illness, disease, trauma, depression, or plain old ‘unsatisfactoriness’ would consult with the guru’s, the teachers, the yoga masters.


Monday's April 8 - Jun 17 6PM-7:15

This class is being offered by the Atlas School of Yoga. Denise and I go way back to my early days at Kripalu and we’ve remained in touch ever since. I’m excited to share my teaching on her platform. The class will run for 75 minutes.  We will not be doing much asana practice but we will be investigating the body and all it’s Kosha’s. Contact Ida for a Guest Pass.

Here’s the link to register for the class.

Go here for more yoga therapy online.

As Above, So Below


Enlighten, transform, heal and deepen your knowledge of our Solar System and your Self

Astrologers mostly learn their art/science through the mental field by focusing on words or mathematical techniques and analysis.  Many are inspired and fueled by intuition and spiritual beliefs.   Despite these apparent differences adult humans learn best by experience as stated by psychologists, educators, philosophers. 

The Eastern spiritual masters tell us that experiential learning is the true basis for Knowledge and Wisdom  It is by moving through experience and connecting deeply with the present moment that true awareness can be achieved.  Yoga & Meditation are ways to do that.




Not really. If this is your first experience with anything to do with yoga please download these 2 forms so I can keep you safe.

That said, all yoga is cumulative, so even if your last class was years ago, you’ll be fine.  Fear not. 

If you have any concerns please contact Ida.   


First carve out the time and let everyone know not to disturb you. Create a special space. Keep it simple. Yoga mats are not required but if you have one that’s fine. It’s okay to sit in a chair for the discussion portions. Please find an armless, firm seat with minimal padding. I urge you to sit on the floor if you can. If needed, I will instruct during class time how to get up and down easily and safely.

Please try to come with an empty stomach. When the body is busy digesting it makes it more difficult to experience the more pleasant and subtle effects of these practices.

Do not wear anything tight or binding. Loose, natural fibers, that allow you to move in all directions are best. Water is fine before or after class. Please refrain from drinking (or eating) during class.

I encourage people to bring a journal or sketch pad to class. It’s ok to take notes during our discussions. There’s a lot of useful information.

Yoga props are handy if you have them. A blanket, a cushion, and an eyebag are good to have nearby.

That’s it. Show up….for yourself, for the others in the class, for the teacher, for peace in the world.


PRACTICES: A Definition

Practice implies not knowing, not finished, not ready. We are in learning mode. We are teachable. There are many ways to practice Yoga, the tree is wide and deeply rooted. Without practice, information stays in the mental field. It never gets to the body. The various practices of yoga help us integrate. We need to experience yoga not just understand it intellectually. Even if your interest takes you into a study of Vedic texts it is recommended that you use meditation as your primary practice.


Here’s a partial list of some of what we will practice together:

  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama) to increase relaxation, decrease stress response and release fear of the unknown.
  • Meditation techniques to calm & quiet the mind promoting clear & focused thinking.
  • Gentle hatha yoga postures (Asana) to strengthen, create more flexibility, and increase vitality.
  • Guided Yoga Nidra to release long held tensions in the body and create space for new attitudes.
  • Expressive movement for integration and to expand creativity.
  • Deep Listening to support emotional processes and improve relationships with others.
  • Toning (Nada Yoga) techniques for overall well-being and to reduce snoring.
  • Mudras for accessing the subtle/causal body.


Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. To speak our truth is a sacred right and a vital part of our healing. To listen to another speak her truth is equally sacred. Speaking and Listening without feedback, allows us to practice speaking our truth, however pleasant or unpleasant it is.

. I really don’t like the word sharing, although I am happy to see it so frequently in the media. What we will be practicing during this sharing time is what I call deep listening.

Our methods of communicating have undergone radical change in recent times. This only adds to the challenge of speaking truth. We will be discussing communication as a topic in one of our workshops.